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Starting Your Own Banner ad Business



Approximately 6 years ago when I did my very first banner ad; I had no idea what I was executing

A business partner of mine who was executing some media purchasing for a client, necessitated someone to make banners, so while we ate breakfast at a restaurant, in literally 10 minutes, he showed me a few things on Photoshop and Image Ready, and off I traveled. The very first banner I made was a 720×300 for a weight loss supplement client, which was traveling to be placed into rotation with some other banners that my business partner made as an exit pop on a site named Lucky Surf

To my partners amazement, and mine the pop I made changed over at about 4 or 5%. We were both balled over. At this point I recognised that I might have happened my naming. Soon it went superficial that I had a knack for creating banners and composing copy. As time traveled on, the demand for my services altered and finally I was competent to go forth my asleep end job and make a pretty acceptcompetent dwelling just executing banners

It may be a little difficult to believe that one can make a decent living from doing just banners, but if you are willing to work at it, sooner or later you can command as much as 0 per banner, if not more! For me, banner ads were the perfect entry-level job, for what has been a successful 6-year career. Creating banners was an enthusiastic “humble pressure” way for me to larn graphics, HTML, and copy composing, all of which are substantive for creating a boffo e-commerce solution either for you or a client. Now the purpose of this article is to give you some insight on the ins and outs of the postdating:

1. Creating banners
2. Prepping banners for the web
3. Packaging banners for clients
4. Pricing and revisions
5. Finding image resources for your banners

The first banner project did was with a company that sold cable boxes online. The lady that engaged me necessitated a ton of constructive and was hard with the money. She needed many antithetic sizes and ultimately I stopped up making per banner

Creating Banners

Creating banners can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the product, market or audience. A few uncomplicated and fast techniques can assist you create better banners. The first thing I inquired her for was images of the cable boxes (as many as she could get me) and whatever research she had and copy that worked

The next thing I did was go to the website to see what colors and copy they were using. The next step was to happen other sites and check up on out the copy on the PPCSE’s that were trading cable boxes and see what they were executing. With some uncomplicated research I was now built up with all the copy, images and strategy I necessitated to get this first banner project off the ground

Prepping banners for the web

Prepping banners for the web is based upon the publisher specs. Many publishers have specs established on file size (according to banner dimensions), risqué or non risqué, and animation. Let’s take one of the stricter publishers and use them as an example. This careful publisher has very rugged guidelines to postdate, but traditionally they have eminent conversion rates, so getting your banners there is well worthy the trouble

Most publishers use the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards as guidelines for the ad unit sizes they publish on their sites. A characteristic unit is a “medium rectangle” (in pixels that’s 300×250). Many publishers will not permit you transcend more then 20k in file size. One of my first clients was a women’s weight loss company. Image all-knowing one of the best strategies to use for weight loss is to use an aroused woman in an insufficient bikini. The problem with this, is many publishers are very picky about utilizing imagery that might be to risqué. Most pubs will desire to see the constructive you’re traveling to use before they actually print it. Generally pubs will delegate a rep to the media account and will be accountable for the approval process

Optimizing your banners is something that you will most likely do in the same software program where you animate. I use the industry standard Adobe Image Ready, and if you can get your hands on it, so should you. When it comes to creating imagery, Adobe Image Ready gives you a lot of tools, but for banner ads you necessitate to just a few of those options. Adjusting the colors and the lossy can significantly reduce your file sizes to get your banners inline with publisher specs

Adobe Image Ready is the place where you will get your animation done. Most pubs will not let you to use around-the-clock nor dense blinking animation. Generally you will not be competent to sensate (loop) longer than 15 seconds and you will necessitate to use no less than.5 seconds in your loop transitions. Another point about animation is you always desire to have the animation discontinue on the “name to action” (CTA)

Packaging banners for clients

The first time I did a serious banner project for a client I had no idea how to send the banners to the client via email. Oblivious to any zip up programs I simply tied them to an email and sent out. Quickly I was made alive of programs much as Winzip and WinRAR, and was shown how to use them. I have been utilizing either one of those programs to send out constructive since

If you are just getting down out as an entry-level constructive artist, you can probably get around 20 per ad (possibly more if you cognize flash). Volume has a lot to do with the amount you may charge. If the client is appearing for a lot of banners or is consenting to give you accordant work, then you may desire to give then an interrupt on price. While you gain more experience this is an acceptable way to go

Pricing and revisions

More likely then not, your client is gong to want revisions to some of the creative you make. Revisions are something you should negociate before you get down the project. Most of the time the constructive coordinator will review all the constructive and send out you back the necessitated revisions by line item

Most of the time you can knock out all revisions in 1 shot. After you make the constructive send out them to the constructive coordinator. The CC will send you back the revisions. Complete the revisions and send them back. Generally that’s the end of it

You should always have a consistent naming convention in your banners. If I make a 300×250 in a series of 10, I will make the first banner in this series ad 1. Here is an example of how I would do this for a careful client. Let’s state the client wants 40 banners made for their cable box program. My identifying convention would be something like this:



So and so fourth

If I necessitate to make 10 300×250′s and 10 728×90′s then I would make the 300×250′s first and then take the same concepts and resize them into the 728×90′s. So you would desire to make the first 728×90 (just like the first 300×250) and name that cb_728x90ad1

Finding image resources for your banners

When I first started out the one of the more difficult pieces of the creative puzzle for me was finding images. Most image sites were very big-ticket with little variety. Now, you can happen hundreds of thousand of eminent quality images inn any category at You can get images as little as , that absolutely cold for banners. I urge iStock exclusively. Don’t waste your time traveling anywhere else

If you would like to find out more about starting your own banner business, please visit and use the contact to get keep of me

Become a Banner ad Expert Starting Today Series IV



Become a Banner ad Expert Starting Today Series IV

This is the fourth series in a mini series named “Become a Banner ad Expert Starting Today.”  In the first few series I spread over things like “What is a Banner, Different Kinds of Banner ads, and How to Advertise.”  Welcome to Series IV, permits get got down!

Sell Some of Your Own Space

One way for you to bring forth an acceptable income is to get down trading space on your website to individuals.  While you may think that this is an accomplished take the air in the park, obey my discouraging; it can be a little perplexed.  If you are appearing for the easiest way to carry through this I would appear to fall in a banner ad network.  When you join a banner ad network they will enroll people that desire to advertize, they will keep track of your earnings and control the placement of the ads on your site.  Since you are rendering the site but someone else is executing most of the work, you end up misplacing tons of revenue

Since there are many, many more sites that desire to proffer space on their sites to advertizers than people actually desiring to advertize; which makes banner networks be very discriminating on what sites they desire to work with.  Many of your banner ad networks have set in place a borderline amount of traffic the site must incur.  You may be inquiring how much traffic is necessitated, it’s a lot.  Are you at the ready?  Many banner ad networks necessitate the sites they work with to have at least 300,000 visitors a month to even be considered for a CPM program

A enthusiastic thing though about some banner ad networks is that they do ply to an ample variety of websites.  They can do this by proffering antithetic tiers established on monthly traffic.  This is a great opportunity for even the little advertisers to also play because it allows them to select a site and a budget that fits their needs.  While banner ad networks do cater to tons of many different sites and advertisers, they do have rules about not showing matured content or any type of loathsome material or if you get down coming across like you are spamming

If you have a pretty matured site and your site obtains an enthusiastic deal of traffic than 150,000 impressions per month you should have no problem falling in a banner ad network CPM program.  If you are just getting down out with a fresh site or still haven’t reached the 150,000 impressions a month, you should appear into a click through program.  You may not make a lot of money this way because you only make money when someone clicks on your ad.  In today’s world less than 5% of people click on ad, but append 5% to the many other ways you drive traffic and it could be acceptable

How Much Could You Expect

Once you have fell in, banner ad networks run pretty easily.  The banner ad network provides you with a piece of HTML code that you infix on your site.  Banner ad networks have been executing this for quite a while so after appearing at your site they have a pretty acceptable idea on what type of applicable ads will work.  If you personal a website that offers race car parts, they would not desire to set dog bone ads on it.  Like all of us, we are all in business to make a profit; seeking to trade dog bones with car parts will not go advantageous.  Just as a heads up though, since you are in the network you may have very aggressive ads against your first-string business.  Just be mentally set up for this because you acquiredt be competent to do much about it

Now for the money part, many networks trade what they name “run of site” ads to advertiser.  In executing this they are incurring around 5 to 6 CPM for most of the ads.  Remember what I stated earlier on in this article, the network takes an ample portion of the revenues running from 40-60%.  In ciphering this for you, my math comes out to be .035 cents per impression that shows on your site.  If you bring forth 100,000 impressions a month you could expect to have in the ball park of 0.  Not sorry for letting a 125 X 125 ad to be placed on your site.  So if you let four ads to be placed on your site you could incur ,400 a month.  This sounds enthusiastic, unless these ads really get down impacting your other business

Now comparing the same ad but on a CPC rate, you could receive anywhere from 5 cents to 25 cents.  If you get a click rate of 5% on the eminent side, you could maybe unclouded 0

Sell Your Own Website Space

If giving up control of so many things when you turn to a banner ad network scares you, there is another option.  You could trade your personal site space to advertisers but there are a few things you desire to think about.  With so many more sites desiring to sell space than advertisers to purchase space, it does go difficult.  The number one thing that advertisers consider is the layout and how attractive the site is.  Advertisers are traveling to do their callable diligence by checking up on out your traffic and the type of content you render.  These two things are what enumerate because the more traffic and blue-chip content means better click through rates and conversions.  Selling ad space to advertisers is really not rocket science, you just necessitate to provide the information they necessitate to make an informed decision.  They will be appearing for information like traffic, information about your readers, and how your site will compliment their ad

 This concludes series IV of “Become a Banner ad Expert Starting Today”. I hope you have incurred more utilitarian information and knowledge about banner ads and be watching for series V that will be coming out soon

Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Series III



Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Series III

This is the third series in a miniseries named “Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today”. In the first couple issues I spread over topics like “What is a Banner Ad, the Different Kinds of Banner Ads, and How to advertize” and many more. If you have not scan the first two series of this miniseries, I can only propose you go back and scan the early two so you don’t go misplaced

Thinking about purchasing advertizing

If you are thinking about purchasing your personal advertizing spots on antithetic websites, there are a few antithetic ways you could go about it. You could do one or a combination of the postdating ideas:

Approach each website on your personal Hire an Advertising Company Join a Banner ad exchange program Start Your personal Affiliate Group

I am traveling to go into much detail on each of these which will assist school you on the pros and cons of each idea. Just like anything else in our extraordinary world of ours, banner ads are not cold either

Approaching each Website on Your Own

First I would like to state if you are executing this, you have got way too much time on your hands. Approaching each idiosyncratic website is a very time devouring activity but with you doing this, you have more control. When you place all your personal banner ads you can really look into the website, their content they render their readers and all the many stats that each site is graded on. You also have the ability to selected where you desire your ad placed, while many sites have many options; obviously the first spots normally transport a first cost. There are a few angles you would want to consider when you are nearing a website to market on

Target Small Websites – when you target a little website, you normally have less competition, lower advertizing costs and if you are on the proper site and in the proper niche; your clicks and leads could go very articulate

Target Large Websites – If you make up one’s mind to go after the ample websites, you are traveling to be vying against thousands of other advertisers. The older stating of Supply and Demand really holders a lot of truth here. With a very large website, the publishers cognize they have hundreds of thousands or close to a million of followers and advertisers desire to be part of the action. Owners of the website now have in their power to request and incur tens of thousands dollars for one advertisement of one banner measured at 125×125. Most large sites use the CPM method in which as you retrieve from my early series of articles; the CPM is established on impressions. Based on CPM your ad could be shown for one day or thirty days, so definitely take this into consideration before subscribing up

No matter which site you decide to go with, always look for a “advertise with us” tab or link. Find out what packages they proffer and liken a few antithetic sites. Another idea is to retrieve the economy we are in proper now. Don’t settle for the “retail cost” that they are inquiring; happen a phone number and name to see if you could negociate a better price

Hire an Advertising Company

If you are like me and don’t have tons of spare time on your hands than this could be your saving grace. When you contact an Advertising Company you will happen that their services for the most part are pretty complete. They do an enthusiastic job of incurring all your information, the seek to meet all your requests and necessitate your HTML code for your banner, although many can make a banner for you if you would like. One of the great things about engaging an advertizing company is that they already have set up an abundant meaty relationship with many site owners. This is a big advantage to you since they have probably established a much dismissed rate. Another thing you will desire to consider and be competent to understand if you are stated this; but many advertising companies will only work with you if your account meets their requirements. Their requirements normally are having an ample company or expending a sure amount of money per month or annually

If you are an owner of a large company or a smaller company that really wants to skyrocket your online presence an advertising company is the way to go

Joining a Banner Ad Network Program

If you want to get out of the gate fast but don’t have a ton of capital to invest then you are in luck. If you don’t have the time or don’t desire to spend the time to negotiate prices for you to advertise on a website, rely on a Banner Ad Network. A Banner Ad Network is somewhat like a central man that sells tangible estate on websites and finds advertisers to purchase the space. A better drawback is that while these networks can be quite affordable, you have zero control on where or how your banner ad gets placed. Many times callable to the nature of the beast and lower cost of this option, the advertiser’s barley hears from the network

My best advice to you is to really do your due diligence when it comes to networks. On occasion you may come across a site that is proffering discounts on banner ad placement spots that did not previously get filled up; this could be an acceptable sign or sorry, run a little ad for 30 days and check up on your results

I would not be a great mentor if I did not give you a few sites to check out. While I am traveling to give you two antithetic lists; you necessitate to make up one’s mind which one is best for you and what results you desire

A Few Large Impression Networks

DoubleClick FlyCast Burst!Media Content Zone

A Few Large Click Through Networks

Banner Brokers Value Click Banner Space eAds

Ready to Start Your Own Affiliate Group

If you are looking for a cost effective way to get your own banner ads on many other sites this could also be an answer for you. Setting up your personal Affiliate Group means that you can prearrange to pay publishers a sure amount when sure results have been incurred. A ad hoc result could be something like a certain amount of clicks or finishing a sale

This concludes series III of “Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today”. I hope you have incurred more utilitarian information and knowledge about banner ads and be watching for series IV that will be coming out soon

If you have missed series I and II here is a link to them ======>

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today- Series VI



Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today- Series VI

This is the sixth and final in the series of “Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today.”  In the first few series I spread over things like ‘What is a Banner Ad, Are There Guaranteed Results, and How to Target Your Banner ads.”  Welcome to Series VI, permits get got down!

Internet Marketing In The Future

Some internet marketers and internet study groups have been saying that the traditional banner ads of today will be ending.  While they finger that the conventional banner ad is dwindling away, have no fear another like animal is quickly coming out.  The fresh emerging ad that has all the characteristics of a banner ad is cognized as a pop up advertisement.  We have all seen them all over the internet.  You could state the pop up ads are a banner ad on steroids, they are more analyzable but the animation capabilities are impressive.  These have go very democratic with advertisers because they opened up in their personal window proper in front of the internet user.  Many internet users do like them because the pop ups necessitate the owner to close each one of them.  Another type of advertizing that is going better accepted is text links; everyone believes that this is callable to one thing.  Many internet users that see a text link or hyper link thinks this a biological part of the site and don’t feel they are being “traded.”  Remember people love the idea of purchasing things but don’t desire to be “sold.”  If you are a very constructive idiosyncratic you can construct your banner ads to have this feeling; a feeling of rendering a solution to someone’s problem

Make an Impression with an Interstitial Ad

Wondering what an Interstitial Ad is?  Here is a quick description:  Interstitial ads are advertisements that are displayed before or after an expected content page.  It is known as a “in between” page that provides extra information or an advertisement to an user during the act of navigating from one page to the next.  These ads also come out in their personal window like a pop up, and if the visitor clicks on the ad they are sent out to the tying in page.  Many internet users are more accepting of interstitial ads because they do close on their own, but for the advertisers it is an impression

Who and What to Believe

All over the internet you read stories about how well banner ads are doing and how websites owners are pulling in the big bucks.  On the other hand there are stories of how banner ads are history in the making and are soon traveling to be relics.  In my opinion as an internet marketer, I finger that banner ads will be around for an abundant time to come.  I cognize that the way the internet is germinating and how the internet is still in its infancy; banner ads will take fresh forms to impress the many users out there.  Internet web designers and marketers are always coming up with new ways to tap into the anthropoid physic. 

Sites to Help Your Banner Advertising

Banner Ad Designs

Internet Ad Agencies

Banner Ad Networks

Active Response Group CPX Interactive Burst Media InterClick REDUX Media

Banner Exchange Networks

Final Recap

This concludes the “Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today” series.  With this valucompetent information you will be competent to take your banner ad advertizing to the next level.  Remember as with anything you scan, get word, or larn about it matters what action you take.  You could read a book a day on antithetic subjects, but if you do not act upon it, you squandered your time