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Affiliate Link Bomber Review


Let me tell you about this amazing driven named called the “Affiliate Link Bomber” by Ben Shaffer. If you are an internet marketer, I pretty much see this as a “must have” in your arsenal of tools.

First off, this is the “easiest” tool to use. It took me all but 5 minutes to install on my own domain and servers. You have a mult-field license, so you tin install it on as many domains as you wish. However, you gentleman’t have to, because Affiliate Link Bomber will give you code that you tin use on any of your sites, or e-mail, etc….

Here are the briny benefits of the Affiliate Link Bomber that I see:

1. Affiliate Link Bomber is an excellent “nexus cloaker.”

No more ugly associate links. No more stolen commissions. Affiliate nexus B-52 cloaks your associate links.

2. Affiliate Link Bomber is a diet “redirect” tool.

3. Affiliate Link Bomber will embed “cookies” into your websites so you gentleman’t lose commissions.

We spend a lot of time and effort setting up Review Pages for affiliate offers. The problem is, the site visitor has to visit the “merchandise site” in order the the cookies to be set to ensure you get the commissions. The frustrating part, is that many times the site visitor does not click on the merchandise site through your site, but may leave your site, and visit another reappraisal site and click on the merchandise site and you lose the commissions, even though you introduced the person to the product.

You tinned embed your associate id on your Review Pages. Internet Marketers will call this “cookie stuffing.” There certainly is a wrongfulness way to cookie stuff, and there is a commonweal way. Embedding your associate id on to your own website for a product that you are promoting, and that the site visitor is searching for, I would call-back whitehat cookie stuffing. It happens all the clip. Affiliate Link Bomer is an achiever tool to save you commissions and make you solon money.

4. Affiliate Link Bomber will put a Viral Top Bar onto any of your websites, and it will only take you a second.

You tin change the heritage color, and tin option ANY HTML code into the viral capital taproom section, including autoresponder signifier code to capture leads. How cool is that.

5. This Bomber creates PopUps, PopUnders, and Exit Pops, in a matter of seconds.

There is a ton of cash to be made in dad ups. You tin sell solon products, capture lead, invitation people to webinars. The potential is endless.

6. You tin create a Youtube Bar onto your website.

The feature is amazing. You tin put a Youtube in the bottom access corner of a merchandise page. While, while the site visitor is previewing the salespage of a product, they can be watching your Youtube in the undersurface corner of the testing giving your ain personal review of the merchandise. VERY POWERFUL!

7. Affiliate Link Bomber Gives You Statistics Of People Clicking On Your Links

Statistics and trailing is 1 of my favourite characteristic of Affiliate Link Bomber.

The Biggest Feature That I Love About Affiliate Link Bomber Is That All Seven Points Above Are From One Centralized Admin Box.

Another Great Thing That I Love About Affiliate Link Cloaker – It’s ONLY .00

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Banner Ad Blueprint Review – Is Banner Ad Blueprint Scam?



Is Banner Ad Blueprint a scam? Most Internet users and even marketers detest the idea of utilizing banner advertisements in their commercializing efforts because they do not think that it is an efficacious way to get more profits and increase their web traffic. However, this system is not just about instructing the use of banner and advertisements only. Instead, it is an accomplished online business plan that uses banners as its main traffic generator.

1. What Exactly is Banner Ad Blueprint All About?

The author introduces many more blase strategies for bringing forth traffic from banners and ads. The fact is that banner advertisements is still one of the most efficacious ways to market an online business as can be seen from the abundance of advertisements of democratic websites much as Facebook.

2. What Can You Expect to Learn from the Banner Ad Blueprint Guide?

This system will show you how to create banner images and ads that can be utilized to boost the visibility of your sites on the Internet. Users of this method have happened that they were competent to increase the percentage of click-throughs to their sites by at least 70% after they got down enforcing the steps in this blue-collar. I have also found that I am able to use more affiliate networks and programs to make money from established on the urged sites leaned in the resources area.

3. Will You Be Able to Benefit from the Banner Ad Blueprint System?

Most beginners are inquiring whether they will have enough experience in web commercializing to be competent to understand the strategies, while the more experienced marketers are not bound if it is a fit traffic generation strategy to use. This system is easygoing to matched and can be utilized on any other advertizing campaign with antithetic niches.

Beginners will larn exactly how to get down making an online income fast with this banners advertizing strategy that has proven to be competent to get the best conversation and highest click through rates. Users will also learn to significantly better the effectiveness of their commercializing campaigns through the conduct of appropriate keyword research

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Banner Ad Blueprint Review – Create Online Banner ads To Earn Money Online



Do you care to larn how to create online banner ads to gain money online utilizing the Banner ad Blueprint System? If you are not already utilizing banner advertisements to bring forth traffic and gain an income online, you should definitely happen out more about this opportunity. The professionals in Internet commercializing have abundant been using banner ads to earn money online, and statistics show that more than 85% of all visitors who make purchases or fall in online paid membership sites do so through banner advertisements.

1. How Do You Make Money Using Banner ad Blueprint?

This system is not only about trying to make money from Clickbank, Commission Junction and Cost Per Action affiliate networks like so many other guides teach. It goes further to make money from the easiest to advance affiliate networks that are not as democratic and dense in competition as likened to the ones leaned above.

This guide lists the most highly recommended networks that you should join and start promoting immediately to start extracting the most profits from your ads. If you are already utilizing CJ and Clickbank, the traffic strategies in this system will assist to further boost your sales, leads and profits.

2. My Experience with Using the Methods Inside Banner ad Blueprint

After testing out the use of banner advertisements, I have realized that this product has actually saved me a lot of time and effort from having to do trial and error. I am now competent to cognize which products are expected to change over well established on the traffic and other statistics that I am seeing from my ad campaigns.

Inside the guide, there are thousands of affiliate networks recommended that have been proven to work very well when the products are marketed using banner advertisements. Each module has clearly specified, step by step instructions that state how to transport out each process systematically

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Banner Ad Blueprint Review



It is said today that almost 70% of traffic comes from online ads and banners. This is probably the reason why most marketers and online managers be given to organise an ample part of their commercializing campaigns around the banner ads. If you are among those who desire to make a killing with their campaign, you should larn how to do it

What can help you in this effort? Basically the new product called Banner Ad Blueprint is one of the best products you can find in the market today

1. What Is Banner Ad Blueprint All About?

The Banner Ad Blueprint is the new product by Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones, two renowned online marketers who have managed to do what other people are still trying: make a killing online using the media they have in their disposal

Banner Ad Blueprint is a product that aims at explaining the secrets of internet marketing and how things work when it comes to traffic and generating income online. The product is projected in much a way to work out all the misconceptions tied in with traffic; it also aims at showing you what are the mistakes you are making when covering with online commercializing. The best thing about the program is that it shows many covert techniques that are conveyed by the gurus themselves

2. What Does The Program Consist Of?

The Banner Ad Blueprint consists of more than 30 videos, with a solid 10h content. It also has ten modules with ebooks and mind maps, so that you will have an accomplished idea of what we are mouthing about

The great advantage of the Banner Ad Blueprint is that it is suitable for affiliate marketers and anyone who works with CPA marketing, including Clickbank, Commission Junction and many other similar programs

3. Who Can Use The Banner Ad Blueprint?

You are probably wondering if this program is for you. Basically, if you are an affiliate marketer the program is just cold for you. You can use the information rendered in the program regardless of the level of your experience

This product course features all the cutting edge techniques you will need to make a killing

Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus And Review – Scam Or Real Deal?



What is Banner Ad Blueprint? Is it worthy purchasing? Or is it a Scam?

I have acquired this product and traveled through the materials. In this review, I will share with you EXACTLY what I have larned from it. After scanning this review, you’ll be competent to make an informed decision

Let’s get got down..

Banner Ad Blueprint is a video tutorial course that teaches you how to get ample amount of web traffic through Banned Ads. This commercializing strategy is also cognized as PAID MEDIA (or Media Buying). However, it’s more than just a traffic generation course, it also covers topics like affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, market research, tracking and much more..

For the purpose of this review, Paid media is any paid traffic source that’s NOT Google search. There are many forms of paid media much as: banner ads, text links, cultural media, contextual ads, email list rentals, pop-ups, etc. Since 1999, Paid media has go the predominant form of online traffic generation (over billion a year expended)

And surprisingly… Google Search is less than 15% of this!  

Therefore, there are billions of unsold ad slots, impressions, and clicks available every single day on non-Google sites. Inside the Banner Ad Blueprint, you’ll learn how to exploit these sites to generate massive amount of targeted traffic to your websites or blogs. With this system, your traffic sources are not subordinate on Google search

But, perhaps you have the following question…

Why not use the free method such as article marketing to drive free traffic?

Well…. Free Traffic is actually NOT loose!

Most people forget their time is worth something, by relying on a free method such as article marketing, they expend effort on generating traffic that is not scalable or consistent. Free traffic is close-grained if you are getting down out, but once you have a coagulated proffer, you necessitate a method that can give you an accordant flow of traffic

How about Pay-Per-Click or PPC?

PPC is a very powerful traffic generation system, however, it’s getting very expensive these days. If you’re not aware, you can misplace a lot of money in PPC. Also, too many people are getting struck around by Google. This is very disagreeable and discouraging for many advertisers

With Banner Ad Blueprint, you don’t need to worry about Google Slap or spending too much money on advertising. It will show you how to use banner ads for affordable, how to test and track, and turn over your product or service out to a big audience

Here are some of the things that you’ll learn:

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Doing the proper beginning stages of Market Research

Whether to Direct Link or to use Landing Pages

Complete Banner Masterization

Signing up with some of the TOP banner exchange Ad Networks

Following through to the 2nd stages of proper Market Research (Demograpic Targeting)

Setting up Insertion Orders

Tracking all progress using 3rd party Adservers

and much more…


Banner Ad Blueprint is a quality video course that shows you step by step how to create consistent flow of targeted traffic to your sites by using banner ads. If you have an acceptable product or service to proffer, I highly urge you to sign up for this course and use the commercializing/advertizing techniques instructed inside to reach big audience.

Special Bonus Worth Over ,000

I have also created a special bonus (worth over ,000) to go with this product. If you purchase this product from my link, I will send out you my concentrated bonuses for FREE! You can check up on out ALL the bonuses by travelling to the link below