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Did Woman Really Get Tattoo of Facebook Pics?


Maria vs Nine Hot Dogs on YouTube

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

ok, maybe not.


I finished editing the hot dog video and now you can !

The is here, in case you missed it.

Did Woman Really Get Tattoo of Facebook Pics?
A Dutch woman has apparently had pictures of 152 of her favorite Facebook friends tattooed on her arm. Is it a hoax? The video, which we have, has gone viral.

Questlove, YouTube’s Karmin Cover Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’
Filed under: Hip-Hop , Hip-Hop News , Soul/R&B , R&B News YouTube By now, the hip-hop and R&B community is well-aware of Karmin, the Boston pop outfit made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. After tackling covers of Chris Brown’s ‘ Look at Me Now ‘ — 18 million views — and Lil Wayne’s ‘ 6 Foot 7 Foot ‘ — 5.5 million views — the duo have now caught the attention of the Roots drummer …

Now YouTube 3D arrive on WebM
unixmen: Now You Tube 3D arrives on WebM

Is The Hollywood-ification Of YouTube Really Google’s Best Play?


Venezia 042 Tez – Brian Eno predicts YouTube

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Brian Eno: Future of television (1991). Here he predicts the rise of YouTube…Slides from .

Is The Hollywood-ification Of YouTube Really Google’s Best Play?
According to the Financial Times , the company is prepared to earnings “cash progression against hereafter advertising gross in rising for loaning their name to these carrying and overseeing the content.” That’s an impressive deal for actors to consider. But is it a wise move for the Internet beast?
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The Brothers Mario are dorsum, and thing are acquiring hairy in Kong Country
The Brothers Mario are dorsum with a subsequence to single of the greatest Mario mashups YouTube has ever seen. When the former picture was released in December, The Brothers Mario made both fan of the Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto howl with joyousness, evidenced by the more than 3.7 1000000 folio position the picture has received.
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Miley Cyrus Not Impressed by Rebecca Black
Well here’s a perfect little “rainfall on your wedding day” encapsulating quote. Talking about Rebecca Black, Miley Cyrus had this to say: “It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to option a song on YouTube and go out on tour.” Girls, can’t we all just do roughly Salvia ring hits together and return along? [ Australian Telegraph via NYDN ] Read solon station by Willa Paskin Filed Under …
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Can You Really Buy YouTube Views and Ratings?



Mass exposure and viral marketing are the II important things that you will probably look for if you are in some kind of merchandising business. In the realms of viral marketing, it hardly matters whether you are an upcoming talent or blogger of the videos. An increase in the ratifier base and maintaining a long-referent relation with the subscribers will actually play an instrumental role in long-referent YouTube marketing, hence your video marketing tin become identical easygoing, effective, and lucrative. I want to discuss a couple people ways to generate “tubing-traffic” and then we’ll talk about a highly controversial style.

“How,” is the probably the query that you would form to be answered. How tin I return massive amount of position in a tract clip? In dictation to addition the YouTube perspective, you whitethorn prefer the Bandwagon or piglet-dorsum issue. This is where you station a picture reaction to a picture on the webpage that has amasses truckloads of hit. This little known manoeuvre will rapidly gain your subscriber. What happens when your indorser alkali grows fasting, you whitethorn ask? The peoples will seat the ever-increasing slot of the indorser (sociable verification) and will privation to subscribe and continue to ticker your video!

Every clip you are putout there with a picture, the figure of hit (position) per picture will gain dramatically with the addition in the endorser alkali. A featured YouTube transmission is what you return with a gain in the endorser alkali. Consequently, a gain in the figure of hit per picture spring you a long lasting pedestal in the marketplace with an opportunity to brand alot of appropriation. There are a couple of excavation-known company that provide the work of increasing the YouTube indorser alkali, position, or rating in a parcel duration. Now of class, you will remuneration a payment for this but they deliver the good. This tin brand you serious riverbank in a relatively parcel positiveness of clip if done access.

In case there is loading of bombination all around about the YouTube view for your video, you have a derivative to gain the valuation of your picture and interact in another fashion. YouTube nowadays characteristic note to aid marketplace and marque a picture. The skyline is at your tip. Creating and uploading video has become a merriment with this new characteristic. When it come to picture merchandising and specifically YouTube merchandising, the notation characteristic is probably the endeavor situation that you were look for.

Annotation enables you to ADHD a remark on the picture and it becomes a commonweal style to addition view and site aggregation. This characteristic of note tin actually be an object picture plugger and the try style to addition YouTube position and the valuation in some causa.

With endless feature hidden in the uterus, notation promise to be the attempt abradant that you are look for picture merchandising and publicity. Well, excavation, excavation, it is not the extremity. In case you have a place concern and privation to explore the existence and semen to the lime ray, insider YouTube picture merchandising is thing that tin be an added vantage.

With the note characteristic, you are very likely to gain the opportunity and gain YouTube position. This object picture booster tin be the try situation that you were look for. As mentioned before a mates site allow you to steal YouTube position / hit and rating for your picture. This questionable maneuver, concern programme, and scheme tin assist encouragement you income and global windage very rapidly. As we are already aware, the statesman hit your picture get, the statesman honors you receive. This tin literally brand you famous overnight!

YouTube is probably the attempt manner to return the windage you are look for! Viral merchandising has definitely wage a new thickness to spreading IT wing. All the characteristic are yet to semen to the head, though. Make employment of them to the fullest and explore the endless possibility.

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Should I Really Buy Twitter Followers?

twitter followers

Every business in the 21st century needs to diversify its advertizing streams and with the world of cultural media spreading out at a fast rate, one has to inquire, is purchasing Twitter followers the way to go?

In modern years, Twitter has rendered a very incomparable concept to the world which allows users to postdate any company, person or celebrity they desire. Unlike Facebook and other cultural media sites whose users must agree to have someone see their profile and be their “friend”, Twitter allows users to follow whoever they want and follow their daily routines

Twitter has been competent to render an incomparcompetent business strategy for each company which allows them to school consumers about their products and services as well as specials which may be happening. Why is this platform so crucial? Well Twitter costs nothing! With millions being expended informal of TV, radio and billboards, companies now have the opportunity to advertize their products for loose to anyone that chooses to postdate them

Companies these days proffer specials to only those that postdate them on Twitter which helps them gain traction for more “postdateers”, but the idea of purchasing postdateers is fresh to the marketplace. Businesses are now competent to purchase thousands of followers for very little cost and directly market to them. Best of all, callable to the viral nature of Twitter and other cultural media, links and “tweets” can be sent out around the world reaching a mass audience for little to no cost

This is an extremely powerful way to increase your website hits by offering specials to your Twitter followers and directing them to your site. To direct them, the cost is nothing! Just one person’s time to write a 140 character paragraph about your offer. If the proffer is acceptable, people will go through it onto their friend and once again the cost? Zero

By buying targeted Twitter followers businesses are able to market to those consumers who are more likely to be interested in their product or service. Instead of commercializing to a mass audience through TV, radio or billboard and trusting to reach those concerned, business’s can directly target those they cognize are more probcompetent to purchase their product. This is an impressive tool which can be in any company’s arsenal

So is it worth buying targeted Twitter followers? Absolutely. Being competent to market directly to consumers concerned in your product for little to no cost is something everyone in the business world has daydreamed about for years and now it is a reality. Buying Twitter followers is here to stay

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