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Are PopIns better than Banners or PopUnders?


In the past, website directories, online classifieds, secure listsand banner ads were all alarming ways to incur website traffic.But the Internet is a can-do medium that is constantlychanging. And some methods just haven’t been competent to keep up.

On top of that, cost-per-click advertizing is being today’sentrepreneurs as much as several dollars per visitor!

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy, beingthousands of dollars (unless you do it yourself) but results arenot vouched..

Pop Under advertizing campaigns are affordable but you have to cognizehow to properly set-up a pop under campaign. In my opinion,PopIn (layer) ads are an alarming (and cheap) way to pull in theattention of thousands of visitors:

PopIn ads have a click trough rate of 1% 2.0% (some popinlayer ads receive a CTR of up to 5%)

Banner ads have a click trough rate of 0.2% 0.6% (somebanner ads receive a CTR of up to 2%)

That means that if your PopIn ad receives a CTR of 2%, a 100.000PopIn impressions campaign (avg. cost: 0,00) will convey 2.000(targeted) visitors to your web site with a cost per targetedvisitor of .10 only.

Targeted visitors are people that have snapped on your ad tovisit your site. These are visitors that already have some ideaof what your site offers and have come to appear for moreinformation

Do a search on Google or Yahoo for PopIn Advertising to happencompanies proffering this type of advertizing

Tips for a boffo ad: Use an appealing headline, a gloomybackground and proffer something of value for loose to actuate theviewers to click trough to your website

Six GOOD REASONS why you should have BANNERS AND POPUNDERS on your website


Banners and popunders on your web site? No way, say the experts, gurus and commentators. They just annoy visitors, and give a poor impression of your site, right?

Wrong. Unless you have an artful content-only site so clean it could never be defiled by advertizing, you desire your site to make money. Popunders and banners are just another way of monetising your web properties, along with Adsense, affiliate links, datafeeds or whatever else you use. It may come as a surprise to those who got dpersonal utilizing the web within the last five years, but banners utilized to be the only way of monetising a site, unless you were trading your personal product.

And think of this you still see banners everywhere, along with their younger siblings: popunders and popovers, skyscrapers, interstitials and all the rest of the modern ad tribe

Now why would that be? Obviously, because they work at making the merchants or advertisers money. This could be because it is a cheap way of branding, as a way of creating a buzz about a new product, or simply because they generate clicks and sales.

But what about me, the website owner? Why should I put them on my site? Here are six good reasons. By the way, none of this is theory, but the result of long experience with some top class banner and advertising providers.

They will make you money. Over the years, we have seen rather average but eminent traffic sites which make twenty dollars a day from banners and popunders. Just multiply that by 365 days, then think of having ten sites just like that. Gets more absorbing, yes?

Banners and advertising brighten up your site. People get tired with the appear of your articles, feeds and Adsense boxes. Give your visitors something else to look at. You usually get paid per impression anyway

Advertising Banners and other media change constantly, by design, so there is always something fresh on a page even if you don’t update it much

It takes very little work: usually pasting some javascript into your page templates is all you need to do. No other site enhancement will be so easygoing.

The advertising providers are usually large, professional organisations which as a matter of course provide you with real-time statistics and graphs. If you are utilizing hosting services whose stats are noncivilised or delayed, this is a tangible bonus, because you will see instantly if your site is down, if Yahoo or Google have been kind to you in their fresh index, and so on

The most important reason of all: it will let you explore areas for new sites you would never have considered before, because there is no affiliate or Adsense money in them. Are you thwarted with the traffic you are competent to drive to your health, insurance, loans, software, credit cards or hazarding site? Adwords click cost travelling into the stratosphere? Well make things easygoing on yourself make web sites about subjects where there is very little nonrecreational competition.

Get a list of popular searches ( will send out you the top 500 most sought keywords every week for loose) and see what people are appearing for. Yes, strangely enough, people mostly don’t go online to purchase stuff: they desire news, pop trivia, gossip about movie stars, song lyrics, golf tips, pictures of models, game reviews, driving directions or a free map of Iraq. It’s much easier to get free traffic for onaffiliate, monounsaturated theme sites in areas like these than to your site trading iPods where you vie with 10,000 other affiliates. And you can monetize your fresh, eminent traffic site with banners and popunders

There are more than six good reasons for every webmaster to sign up with an ad provider, but I hope a light has gone on by now! Click here to check out the ad provider sites which in our opinion are the best for small to medium sized sites. And get down making more money

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How To Use Popunders To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Many webmasters, including myself have a dislike for popups, popunders, exit consoles, and the like. In the early days of the Internet they were the tactics used by unscrupulous and unethical webmasters, some of which created popup/under after popup/under in an endless stream that at times ended up crashing an user’s browser

This gave all popups and popunders a sorry reputation. So bad in fact, that an entire industry cultivated up to create software that blocks both popups and popunders. Microsoft has even instaled a popup blocker proper into its latest version of Internet Explorer

A ton of articles have been composed about the malign of utilizing popups and popunders and enough people have downloaded and instaled some form of popup blocker that most of the unscrupulous webmasters have traveled onto other methods. (Such as instaling spyware on user’s computers as they come in a website, but we will go forth that subject for a future article.)

There are of course still webmasters out there who misuse every tool that comes along. They will not set the same effort into making money legitimately on the web as they will to create ways to trick people into clicking something. These people will always happen a way to rip off with any fresh or older technology that comes along

However, there are many legitimate companies and honest webmasters that use the same technology to serve their customers in a good way

I still have to be convinced that popups will ever be a good idea. I don’t like popups of any variety. The average popups that leap up in front of the page I am seeking to view irritate me. The ones that slide in from the side or the top or the bottom of the page rag me as do the webmasters that claim those aren’t really popups. They don’t merit a fresh name

The newest version I really hate is the glossy ad that covers half the page over the website I want to see and you are forced to click or view the ad for the time they have allotted to it before you are allowed to see the website. I know, when you watch TV you cannot just click off the commercials and these are not different, but this isn’t TV. On TV I have a restricted number of channels top switch to. Even if you have satellite TV you are still much more limited likened to the number of websites I can go to instead of holding off for your ad to finish up loading

Another “creative” type of popup is the “offcenter” popup. The one where you have to drag the window over before you can close it. Or the ones with no “x” to click to kept out it down. The gurus that created these codes probably think they are really really astute and creative. Some people have way too much time on their hands and necessitate to get a life. What do they think? “Wow, I don’t see a way to close this window. How creative! Now I must purchase what they are trading!” Right

What I have seen though is legitimate companies and webmasters that are using popunders to drive traffic in a good way. They only use one popunder per visitor. They don’t create a continual stream of them. They don’t place them offcenter or create them so they cannot be shut

These popunders do not cover the page I am trying to view. I can close them if I do not desire to visit the page being advertized. They are inquiring users to click something tied in to where the visitor just came from, so they might actually be concerned in the website advertised in the popunder

As an user, I am not troubled oneself by these and sometimes I click through to the website being advertized if I have an interest in it. Why webmasters would desire to fool me into traveling to a website I have no interest in is beyond me. If I am not coming there to purchase something I am just utilizing their bandwidth

I applaud the companies that have taken the advertising by popunder to a legitimate level and will pay attention to these ads in the future. I have changed my mind about at least the use of popunders

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How To Get Tons Of Visitors Using Popunders Advertising


Customers getting raged with pop ups? You would also if they kept interrupting crucial research projects or online work you’re seeking to get executed during the day. This would explicate why your business isn’t getting the kind of visitor stats you’re appearing to get for your website. There is another way to gain traffic to your site and its maturing in popularity even before testing is completely done. They’re named popunders and they are bringing forth superior feedback likened to those of pop up ads

Popunders are your alkalic pop up ad except they don’t intervene with a consumer’s surfing fun or work. They “pop up” beneath the actual window being utilized to surf the internet, thereby letting the consumer plenty of time to check up on it out later and not asking for the choppy urge on to close them immediately. With pop ups, most consumers just get software to block them from showing up again and again or just close them immediately before they have even fully laded the content for the ad they are running. While pop up blockers can forbid popunder ads from coming out, there are some companies who have happened a way around the barricading software

The ability of popunders to load virtually annoyance free, not only gives the consumer the freedom to continue on with what they were doing, but it also allows a significant amount of time for the ad to load. Just like with pop up advertizing, popunder publishers get a commission every time a consumer acts on the ad itself. Because of their ability to fully load and let the consumer to select a more accessible time to view them, the ads be given to bring forth more revenue for the publisher and your company

Another reason popunders advertising are getting rave reviews has to do with how often they appear and how many a consumer will have to view when visiting any one website. Many popunder publishers are placing stern limits as to how many times any one visitor to an ad hoc website can view the same popunder ad. Additionally, other limitations have to do with how many popunder ads can come out while travelling to any one website. This takes most of the annoyance away from the consumer and makes it more equiprobable that they’ll appear into the ad itself

All of the previous explanations of popunder ads will get you some good traffic, but this next benefit far outweighs all the others. Targeting your audience

This will help your ad to reach hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of consumers who are searching for exactly what your company has to offer. When you purchase popunder advertizing you can gear the reckoning of your ad to those consumers who are specifically appearing for a product or service akin to what you are proffering and/or trading. For example, if you trade party favors and purchase popunder advertising you can state the publisher that you choose to trade to people looking specifically for party favors on the internet. When a consumer searches for party favors in the search engine they will have a popunder ad for your company. It’s like a pop ad search engine that happens the consumer instead of the consumer having to happen you, search for you or falter upon you by accident

For those businesses just starting out, the good news is popunders are cheaper than banner ads and pop up ads. But, get it affordable while you can as popunder advertizing is an increasingly maturing market. Big sites like Yahoo and the New York Times have already proven popunders and publishers of these ads are announcing altering sales every single month. Just cognize the benefits preponderate the costs and are almost vouched to convey in more visitors to your site than you are habituated to

If you really want to explode your business and get targeted traffic to your website then check out:

Warm Regards,
Keith Synan