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@iamwuMRPRES – A Mass Twitter March in Support of President Obama

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The Bamboo Forest and some enthusiastic Twitter Lists to postdate

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Today’s daily photo was taken while diagnosing the wilds outside of Kyoto a few weeks ago. It was an aesthetic place! The take the air took me into this large bamboo forest. After sauntering through it for a little eternity, I set up for shot. This is a stock 5-exposure HDR; it was shot with a 14-24mm lens. For those of you fresh to the site, you can happen out more about my process in the .Some Twitter Lists for You!As you guys cognize, I’ve been utilizing Twitter for the past 27 years or so. Over that time, I’ve constructed up an acceptable list of people to postdate. Now, I can share this list and more very easily with you. When you visit the links below, you can "Follow" the list. Or, you can also go through and follow the individuals. Any questions? Just inquire below! This is a list of everyone around here that (you can sign up there too!). This is an enthusiastic "channel" to take heed into to get word everything that’s travelling on with all of us! If you ever necessitate advice, have questions, or just desire to share, be bound to postdate the people inside and mouth it up… that’s what Twitter is for! Here is a collection of sacred artists, designers, illustrators, and the like that I happen sacred. I didn’t really append any photographers to this list… Did you cognize there are Museums on twitter too? They mouth about fresh exhibits,travelling to artists, extraordinary events, and the like. A collection of very humourous people on Twitter. If you are easily piqued… don’t appear! A ergodic assortment of people that I postdate that send out out all kinds of absorbing Tweets on this and that. Do the acceptable people on here a favor. Follow the list, and then go through and postdate some of the most absorbing individuals inside. Twitter is better once you construct your personal personalised list, and this will be a really good injection of inspiration into your world, I hope!After you postdate the lists and some people therein..Then you can then easily switch to that "channel" in Twitter to see the latest. Also, very soon you’ll be competent to append that List as a Column in , a program I highly recommend. As soon as they alter this, I’ll come inform this post!And, of course, be bound to state your friends the fun of lists, especially those fresh to Twitter. If people get down out by getting acceptable links with discriminating art and humourous comments, it makes it a much better experience from the beginning!from the blog

@iamwuMRPRES A Mass Twitter March in Support of President Obama
A Mass Twitter/Viral March Stop the Republican Party from attempting to bully President Obama. Come out and join @iamwuMRPRES in a Mass Twitter/Viral March in support of President Obama. (PRWeb December 14, 2010) Read the afloat story at

Spam attack hits Twitter, tied to Gawker breach
A spam attack on Twitter shows why it’s wise to use different passwords for Internet accounts. Twitter said Monday that hackers broke into an unspecified number of accounts and sent spam promoting acai berry drinks.