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Advertising Trends from the Digital Frontlines


Article by Lee Traupel

The web and ways to market on the web continue to evolve at warp speed – we see some positive and negative changes occurring – our observations du jour: 1)Publishers are finally starting to charge for branded content. It’s still difficult to do, but we are seeing many newsletter publishers charging from -100 per subscribe per annum. And, most importantly, many people are finally starting to accept the need to pay for quality content.2)Contrary to popular opinion the web’s epicenter is not San Francisco, Tokyo, Washington D.C./northern VA, Seattle, London or Austin – there is no epicenter, its everywhere. We now have over407M (estimated according to Nua) people using the web and its become a global medium/marketing venue/information highway. 3)More good news for ecommerce enabled business models, recent published reports (Boston Consulting Group & eShop) indicate customer acquisition costs have dropped from . per individual customer in Q-4 of 2000 to . in Q-1 in 2001. 4)Adobe continues to push PDF format as a web standard, over 32% of corporate web sites today have Acrobat PDF-enabling their web sites. Why we will never know (?), as it isn’t an HTML standardbut was originally developed to facilitate printing of documents. And, it doesn’t work well on many web sites, especially for those coming in with slow connections or when you are trying to view more than a couple of pages. 5)Surprise, surprise splash pages are still increasing in popularity, with an estimated 18% of web sites today incorporating them. Let’s be clear, we think they are really lame to use a technical marketing term – they slow down the user experienceand cause many people to click away from a web site in annoyance, no bookmark and no return visit. 6)Opt-in e-mail continues to grow in popularity and to reflect the web’s ability to handle rich media content – the HTMLformat is rapidly becoming standard in many e-mail campaigns and we are starting to see streaming audio and video plug in components (running in the background) and even integrated voice mail, as just announced last month by YesMail. But, watch those conversion rates fall, opt-in e-mail is in danger of becoming this year’s banner advertising. 7)Newsletters have become mainstream ways to communicate with customers, generate revenue via ad inserts and drive a brand into the marketplace. Now there are ASP (application service provider) solutions being brought to market by Microsoft and many others than enable a small or large company to manage all aspects of newsletter marketing via a browser. 8)No secret the web is maturing, there’s been a media firestorm the last few weeks about how only four companies (AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Napster) commanded approximately 50% of the overall traffic on the web. Most disturbing to those of us not with the aforementioned companies (Sidebar: am sure Steve Case and Bob Pittman are very happy), eleven companies commanded this percentage about a year ago. 9)Traditional media is experiencing the same market downturn that Interactive ad agencies have been getting – look at yourrecent Newsweek, Der Stern, Time, Business 2.0, Upside, Fast Company, Wired and you’ll see they would do Jenny Craig proud –they’velost a lot of ad weight. 10)Popups, popovers, popunders – whatever the term you want to use for those annoying interstitial types of ads are still continuing to be deployed on more and more web sites. We think they are just bad marketing and are being used by sites or companies that can’tfigure out how to generate revenue with content (see #1) or dare we say real services!

Words “FaceBoook” And “Twitter” Banned From French TV


Words “FaceBoook” And “Twitter” Banned From French TV
The French are notorious for their obsession with maddening, micro-meddling rules and regulations.

Footballers on Twitter today: Keep your enemies close to you – Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere
“Tonight I’m going for a bit of Blood Sweat + Beers – Devlin…. # oooff !” Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand quickly checks the typo.

Apple building Twitter into iOS and it’s a game-changer
Twitter integration is coming to the next version of iOS…

Suspect charged in fatal grad party shooting
Follow Us On Twitter! FREE DELIVERY! Get Free Delivery! Request your Osceola News Gazette Today. By Brian McBrideAssociate EditorA local homeless advocacy group is currently trying to find a home to establish services that would help the local transient community. …

Is Twitter dividing the happy from the unhappy?


Is Twitter dividing the happy from the unhappy?
Anyone who thought that sociable media was going to usher in an utopian era of communication without borders is going to have their faith badly shaken by a new study from Cornell University.
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Twitter, Federal Trade Commission finalize colony maiden 2009 information peace oversight
SEATTLE – Federal regulator have finalized a colony with Twitter related to information peace oversight in 2009. The Federal Trade Commission say the colony resoluteness complaint that Twitter deceived IT customer and option their seclusion at jeopardy.
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How To Generate Money From A Blog


More and more peoples are having their ain website these day, in a signifier of blog, owed to the easiness of putting one up. In case you do not know, you can apparatus your ain journal commencing from scrape in as little as 5 minute – Just go to Blogger and mark up for a gratuitous diary.

While many people have their own blogs and update it regularly with contents, most people do not know that they can actually generate money from their blogs. For those of you who have yet to set up monetisation mechanisms to commence generate money from your blog, do you know that you are leaving a lot of money on the array?

There are, in case, a lot of different mean to generate money from your blog, and in this station, I’m leaving to share with you 5 monetization methods that you can option into use access away.

1. Pay Per Click Ad Networks

How Pay Per Click (also known as PPC for tract) Ad network work is that, after you’ve mark up as an Areopagite of the ad network (the green one being Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Kontera, and Chitika), all you need to do after you’ve signed up for these ad web is to copy and composition some code 
snippets onto your diary.

These ad web will then start spot ads in your diary (the types of ads that will be placed in your blog will be based on your content – For example, if your blog is astir guitars, you’re likely to return ads associated with guitar), and whenever soul chink on these advertizing, you’ll return paid. It’s as herb as that.

2. Sell Ad Space

The main disadvantage, when it comes to monetizing via PPC ad networks is that you have no control over the ads that are being displayed in your blog. You could sometimes see an ad that’s being served in your blog that’s totally irrelevant to the subject in which your journal is about.

Therefore, some blogger may prefer to sell ad space to mortal advertisers – By doing so, they’ll have solon control maiden the relevancy of ads that’s being displayed on the blog.

When it comes to selling ad space, you whitethorn either choose to charge a monthly charge, or cost per thousand viewed. The amount you can complaint is based on how established your blog is, as excavation as the volume of assemblage your blog get in a bingle date.

3. Product Promotion

Another diary monetisation scheme can semen in a descriptor of promoting product and/or service as an associate.

For digital merchandise, you tin mark up to be an associate in ClickBank. For physical product, you tin mark up as an associate of Amazon (via Amazon Associates Program).

You tin either promote these ware by putt up the respective merchandise banner in your diary, or you tin write blog post to springiness a honest reappraisal of the product and/or service that you are promoting.

4. Pop-Ups &ere; Pop-Unders

Even though most people have popup and pop-nether blockers installed in their web browser, they are photo very much alive. And you tin monetize your journal with these pop-ups and daddy-unders.

Some web you tin sign up that serves popups and pop-unders are PayPopUp, PopupAd, Adversal.

Most of these network will salary you by every thousand opinion (meaning you’ll get paid an amount of appropriation after a popup or popunder has been displayed a m times).

5. Donations

You tin have a “Donate” nexus or fastener at the extremity of every station that you have to allow peoples WHO sort your station to donate some appropriation to you as an inducement.

If your journal content is master, and at the Lapplander clip informative, you tin potentially return quite a wad of peoples donating appropriation to you (especially those who, after speed-reading your journal station, get response to their combustion inquiry).

The 5 method that I’ve shared with you subdivision are people to bar. And since they are people to bar, why not try them out and start generating money from your blog today?


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PPV Traffic Bandit Discussion – How to Lure Easy Views From the Search Engines


PPV Traffic Bandit Report – How to Steal Low disbursement Traffic Using Adware.

Pay Per View Marketing is the employment of adware on an user PC which identifies them as a possible client.

When a someone type in a sure keyword or url into Google , the advertizer’s camp will dada up in presence of their searches and they willl get the chink and the perspective.

These adware web are whole effectual and peoples really mark up volitionally for adware and agree to have offers online.
These offers could be for anything.

Different PPV Companies Yield Different Results
You can’t assume that a PPV run conducted through ace establishment will output
similar results if you should opt to try it with another.

Different PPV company can
output wildly different results. Let’s face at wherefore we tin’t generalize across
companies and the blow this fact should have on the style you doings your

opportunity on chewer point.

While much of those deuce groups whitethorn convergence,
their work-clothes Aladdin would be quite different. , an offering that mightiness appeal to
ace establishment’s consumer base may autumn on deaf ears when presented to another.
Second, PPV is a number game. Finally, consequence and their profitability can only be
determined after a winner trade of repeat. Thus, eventide size alteration in the eigenvalue
of key variables can have a significant work-clothing impact after thousands upon
grand of incidence. No 2 PPV company will output identical bidding damage
across all URLs or keywords. Those variation in pricing will food significantly
different issue.
Third, different company have different rule regarding the ceremony of
advertizement. Some are served exclusively as popunders. Others whitethorn utilize
popover. The perimeter of the advert whitethorn vary, as excavation. Those difference whitethorn seem rebuff,
at former glimpse. However, when we multiply the distinction putout maiden several
thousand views, differences in results will necessarily commence to emerge.

We can’t safely assume that a successful or unsuccessful run conducted
through one work will output similar upshot with another.

What does this expectation in term of your concern?
Initially, it justifies experimenting with double company in an endeavor to discover
the most profitable PPV option.

Additionally, it reminds us to be cautious in
assuming the quantifiability of any 1 run across double platform.

If you’re only workings with I derivative and you aren’t acquiring the desired consequence, it
may make sense to attempt your PPV strategy with one or two other companying before
gift up on it. Otherwise, you could be pass on a profitable run.

If you have a successful run, you shouldn’t daddy the bark on your champagne
the second you decide to expand your reach via an additional accompanied. Your
success PPV run could be a complete dud when moved to another service.

Steve Martin sends Twitter updates from the jury box


Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW

Image by
I thought, to memorialize this entry on tying people, that I’d admit a photo of an airplane from one of the busiest airports in the world DFW in Dallas. This is the same plane that I winged to Tokyo on just recently. It was shot from eminent above in the Admiral’s Club. It was an awfully tempestuous day, and I was cared that maybe the flight wouldn’t go off on time! We were delayed a few hours… but that gave me plenty of time to set up all my equipment in there like dork!You guys should meet! Put your info on the main thread at !So, what’s your Twitter or Facebook or both? Put it in the comments below! I cognize many of you have friended or postdated me that’s enthusiastic but I think you should all tie with one other too! There are many people from individual backgrounds and I think you all would happen some out of the blue connections! On FB, some people are opened about friending (like me), but on Twitter, you can postdate anyone without their consent.What’s my Twitter strategy? First, I use Twitter the "proper" way. That is, I have taken time to carefully construct, reconstruct, cull, and personalize a list of several hundred people to postdate. These are people I have observed that are absorbing, sacred, or just ashamed pleasures. I appear at Twitter several times a day to get fresh ideas, out of the blue finds, and freshs from people that have akin tastes to mine. Second, and less importantly, I use Twitter to filter the world for anyone inquisitive enough to postdate me. I seek to keep a balance of: 33% sacred and/or esthetic finds that I share, 33% partaking of my personal work with everyone, and 33% tying people who should cognize one another! Oh, and 1% WILDCARD. At least, this is my goal! I may not always struck those ratios, but I do my best.Last, here are ! Haha humourous… those of you that don’t like Twitter probably are:1) Following people that are afloat of BS that do many things on that list2) Or you don’t desire to state the world what you are executing (THAT is satisfactory but… you don’t have to tell people! You can still postdate people you happen absorbing without even sending out out a tweet.3) You have yet to recognise Trey’s Twitter Truth: "Twitter is air-conditioned because it’s a nonstop party you don’t have to hang up out in a little group of mostly disagreeable people."from the blog

Steve Martin sends Twitter updates from the jury box
Steve Martin has given his 380,000 Twitter fans dwell updates from his jury service with observations animated by the court-ordered process blossoming before him.

Twitter can be utilized in courts says top judge
The Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge rules Twitter can be utilized in courts but users will necessitate the trial judge’s permission first and this could be rejected in wrong trials.

Fake Tsunami Warning Sent from Hacked Twitter Account


Fake Tsunami Warning Sent from Hacked Twitter Account
The Twitter account of Andi Arief, the disaster management adviser to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has been worsened and utilized to send out an artificial tsunami discouraging, the localised media reports.

Sarah Brown turns to Twitter in bid to find missing Glasgow man
EXCLUSIVE: FORMER PM Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah has urged on her Twitter followers to assist happen a pretermiting man.

Hashalbum Lets You Browse Twitter Photos by Hashtag [Twitter]
# twitter Hashalbum is a photo discovery tool that scans Twitter for images and sorts them by their #hashtags , allowing you to find photos in a specific topic of interest. More »

How To Profit From Banner ads on Your Website



Banner ads, both Flash banners and Gif banners have been proven to help you increase your online revenue! Each one of these banner ads will be of benefit to you if you are out to make a profit online. They are so utilitarian that almost every better company online has aided of them. They are an enthusiastic way to advance your business online and they have enthusiastic latent at pulling in targeted consumers to your website and therefore the products and services you may trade

A survey carried out showed that online users felt that peel pages, flash banners and gif banners where less intrusive and annoying than pop up ads. Also, what is acceptable to cognize is that even if the online searchers do not click into your banners ads they are still unwrapped to what your company has to proffer simply by being unwrapped to the ad

Although these banner ads are very effective, they are not very expensive at all. A colourful website projected specifically for projecting you any measured flash or gif banner is They have a range of packages to best suit your needs, or the option is to simply purchase just one at a time if it is what you choose to do

How To Profit From Banner ads Online Simple Steps To Follow:

1- After purchasing your flash banners or gif banners from you necessitate to place your them on websites that are tied in to the product or service your company is trading

2- Make sure your ad sticks out and does not blend in with the site it is going to be put on. Its always best top place the banners either above the post or article or directly to the proper side of the article

3- Try and pay for ad space on a website that you know gets a decent amount of traffic, this way you are more likely to get a decent amount of clicks to your website

It was in 1994 when banner ads first made their appearance online and ever since then, their use has continued to grow and no doubt due to their effectiveness of helping people and companies make a profit online, their use will continue to grow. Overall banner ads whether there gif banners or flash banners are a great marketing tool to use online. By travelling to you’ll get the best flash banners and you will most definitely get a commercializing banner you are appearing for, which will definitely increase your online revenue!