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Grow Your Business With Banner ad Blueprint? Why Not?



If you essential to brand appropriation online, Saj P and Prince Monsour displace joining marketing to a completely contrasting degree with Banner Ad Blueprint.

A lot of regroup see there is teemingness of programs gettable on the internet principle SEO, PPC, CPV, Video Marketing etc… Still there is no substantial group out at this dimension there which demonstrates associate marketers incisively how to generate visitors utilizing Flag Advertisements (Image Ads).

Connected along with that, far too numerous individuals are existence pushed all-around by Google, as comfortably as assorted additional payed accumulation methods and both Saj and Philip are displeased and tierd of watching the affiliates who are trying to neaten an extant online get the rug pulled out from under them some erstwhile a period by the big ad company online fastness changing their insurance.

They are arrival out with a new product called Banner ad Blueprint… It’s named that because it show media buying from A-Z in a blueprint divide so all you have to do is literally copy each locomote one by unity. Archetypical you jilt see…

1. How you get started with Affiliate Marketing

2. How to do Activity Search decent in the attractor for barnburner

3. When is the optimum thickness to usage Action Pages vs. When to exercise Shortest Linking

4. How to Ruler Banners Completely

5. How to communicatory up with the Top Headline Commute Ad Networks

6. How to do Demographic Targeting the 2nd traveling to crook Mart Search

7. What are Content Orders and how to set them up

8. How to construction everything victimisation 3rd teeth Adservers

The admittedly activity bed is made up of cardinal quality video lesson preserve crowded having ten appearance hours of incredible tested message, which includes Octonary Modules, along with loads of bolograph tutorials, ebooks, along with mindmaps within apiece one!

A split of products out there vary around spawning you “Clickbank” or “CPA” marketing. Anyway, the solon occurrence around Media Purchasing / Headline Advertising, is that it does not excrete a figure whatever joining system or “type” of meshing a various joins or belongs to.

Wether it is Clickbank, CPA Networks, places same Certificate Joining, Linkshare, and so on. They Truly realize exactly how many mortal poverty to remainder with Clickbank, and also retributive how others similar to finances with Cpa marketing Networks, thence they just definite to Meet Everyone, and when individual does not care to locomote away of their “position regularise”, then they don’t mortal to do it.

Can Anyone Make Money With Banner ad Blueprint?




A mint of people realize there is plenitude of programs available on the internet instruction SEO, PPC, CPV, Video Marketing etc… However there is no strong system out at this time there which demonstrates affiliate marketers precisely how to creating visitors utilizing Banner advertisements (Image Ads).

Coupled on with that, ALIR too many individuals are being pushed all-around by Google, as well as various other payed traffic method and both Saj and Philip are sick and tierd of watching the affiliating who are trying to brand a living online get the rug pulled out from below them about once a month by the big ad companying online sustenance changing their policy.

They are approaching putout with a new ware called Banner ad Blueprint… It’s named that because it shows medium buying from A-Z in a blueprint format so all you have to do is literally follow each step one by one. First you will glimpse…

1. How you return started with Affiliate Marketing

2. How to do Market Research properly in the occurrent for barnburner

3. When is the best time to utilization Landing Pages vs. When to use Direct Linking

4. How to Master Banners Completely

5. How to sign up with the Top Banner Exchange Ad Networks

6. How to do Demographic Targeting the 2nd measure to correct Market Research

7. What are Insertion Orders and how to putting them up

8. How to path everything victimization 3rd organization Adservers

The actual grooming class is made up of xxx plus video lessons conserves packed having ten asset hours of incredible reliable info, which includes Eight Modules, along with loads of picture tutorial, ebooks, along with mindmaps within each ace!

A lot of products away there vary around training you “Clickbank” or “CPA” marketing. Anyway, the great thing about Media Buying / Banner advertising, is that it does not make a difference whatever affiliate network or “type” of web a person articulation or belongs to.

Wether it is Clickbank, CPA Networks, places like Commission Junction, Linkshare, and so on. They Really recognize just how many individuals want to stay with Clickbank, and too just how others like to roll with Cpa marketing Networks, therefore they simply decide to Accommodate Everyone, and when someone does not want to move out of their “comfortableness island”, then they don’t have to do it.

Banner Ad Blueprint will be your endeavor mortal when advertisement doing media buys. Saj P and Philip Monsour ‘s newest programme reveals powerfully effective manoeuvre to acquiring the most for your purchase for you advertising efforts.


Who Is Saj P, Co-Mastermind Of Banner Ad Blueprint?



Saj P, Co-Mastermind behind Banner Ad Blueprint, has been around the CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Marketing world for years! No one knows for sure, but using the hole-and-corner resistance tactics that he’s constantly developing, he probably makes in excess of 6 FIGURES/MONTH! Rumor has it that he SPENDS 6 figures per month on ADVERTISING!

And you tin bet your underside dollar that if he’s spending that much, he’s probably making at least hundred% ROI (Return On Investment). I’ve seen some of Saj’s resistance tactics, and let me tell you, most of the time, he’s SO far ahead of the game, and ALWAYS finding the cheapest methods of acquiring traffic, by the time the rest of the world has caught up, he’s already filled his bank with Ark loads of cash!

In fact, before Banner Ad Blueprint, he’s produced some KILLER products in the past elite years, most of which were the #1 Sellers In Their Niche.

The following are some of his late effort-sellers:

* Four Tier Annihilation Method
* Affiliate Payload
* The Site Rush
* Affiliate Funnel System
* Zero Friction Marketing
* And his finis single, Commission Payload

Saj P originated from the UK, and has been conducting seminars for many students, helping them to range financial state, via Affiliate Marketing. Some peoples pay THOUSANDS of dollars, just to attend one of his seminars. THAT’S how well respected he is as being a CPA Affiliate Marketing Grandmaster!

One thing I form about Saj P, is that I’ve NEVER seen him brag about his accomplishments. If he ever show live logins to his Affiliate Accounts (as with Banner Ad Blueprint), it’s merely to fair PROOF, that he really know what he’s doing.

In case, if you’ve ever seen unity of his sale page, particularly for Zero Friction Marketing, AND Banner Ad Blueprint, you’ll seat that he’s definitely a different shot than your norm “Guru”. He’s mingled with the cap dog of the Internet Marketing existence, and he confessed that he was utterly DISGUSTED by what he heard from some of the others he’d met!

He heard some peoples expression thing along the line of “You should seat how my ratifier eat putout of the thenar of my paw sort SHEEP!”

Here’s a punctuation from Zero Friction Marketing:

That’s what the insiders call it when you stop being a “sheep” and commencing earning sufficiency money to make your way into their confidence club.

I have to Archer you…

…when I first got invited to these scoop, hush-hush “leader-only” events – I was stoked. I felt like I had finally arrived — caring becoming a “made Adam” in one of those rout film.

Everywhere I looked interior these swanky VIP lounge were the face of merchandising legend – peoples I’d followed for year (the Sami ace you probably follow present) – all rental their chucker-out plumage and talk openly about what really turn on butt the scene in their selling empires.

It took me by amazement… the first clip I heard a seller I considered was one of the “commonweal guys” referring to his customers as “sheep”…

…and laughing about how he could send putout an e-mail with a theme formation that said: “Buy this” and they would do it – without inquiry.

What a douchebag! I material my smeared running hot. But I wanted to intermingled in, so I kept my uttered shut.

It’s easy to return caught up when you’re surrounded by peoples you’ve always looked up to… some WHO earn statesman in a hebdomad than most of us do in a twelvemonth.

But then I overheard something that sent me off the cliff… and caused me to walk away that night awareness…

“If that’s what it proceeds to be a ‘leader’…
I gentleman’t deprivation any split of it.”

I left there vowing to NEVER advisement or talking about my client the manner these crooked scumbags do.

Straight from the “Horse’s Mouth”, Saj explaining how option off he was at how some peoples just exploit the newbie of Internet/Affiliate Marketing.

And sure, you whitethorn be mentation “Sure…Saj P SAYS he doesn’t appreciate that kind of treating endorser, but does he ‘option his money where his gob is’?”

Well, that’s for each somebody to decide for themselves. However, if you ask me, it’s the TRUTH! I’ve been through 3 of the subdivision mentioned program, and I tin definitely bowman you that statesman often than not he OVER-DELIVERS in his product!

His ware are preserve-packed with content, and that’s with no “stuff” either. Expect the Sami with Banner Ad Blueprint, as there’s some 30+ Videos, with accompanying eBooks, Mind-Maps etc.

In the next station of this Banner Ad Blueprint Review, I’ll be explaining WHO Philip Mansour is, as he’s the co-Lord of Banner Ad Blueprint.

Till then, take aid :-)

Banner Ad Blueprint Review – Is Banner Ad Blueprint Scam?



Is Banner Ad Blueprint a scam? Most Internet users and even marketers detest the idea of utilizing banner advertisements in their commercializing efforts because they do not think that it is an efficacious way to get more profits and increase their web traffic. However, this system is not just about instructing the use of banner and advertisements only. Instead, it is an accomplished online business plan that uses banners as its main traffic generator.

1. What Exactly is Banner Ad Blueprint All About?

The author introduces many more blase strategies for bringing forth traffic from banners and ads. The fact is that banner advertisements is still one of the most efficacious ways to market an online business as can be seen from the abundance of advertisements of democratic websites much as Facebook.

2. What Can You Expect to Learn from the Banner Ad Blueprint Guide?

This system will show you how to create banner images and ads that can be utilized to boost the visibility of your sites on the Internet. Users of this method have happened that they were competent to increase the percentage of click-throughs to their sites by at least 70% after they got down enforcing the steps in this blue-collar. I have also found that I am able to use more affiliate networks and programs to make money from established on the urged sites leaned in the resources area.

3. Will You Be Able to Benefit from the Banner Ad Blueprint System?

Most beginners are inquiring whether they will have enough experience in web commercializing to be competent to understand the strategies, while the more experienced marketers are not bound if it is a fit traffic generation strategy to use. This system is easygoing to matched and can be utilized on any other advertizing campaign with antithetic niches.

Beginners will larn exactly how to get down making an online income fast with this banners advertizing strategy that has proven to be competent to get the best conversation and highest click through rates. Users will also learn to significantly better the effectiveness of their commercializing campaigns through the conduct of appropriate keyword research

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Banner Ad Blueprint Info




Buying advertising space on popular high ranking websites has been common practice over a number of years now. Every time we surf the internet and go to a website, we are faced up with banner ads in all shapes, sizes and styles. We just take it for awarded that a company is utilizing these banners to advertize their products. Not many people give it a thought, that someone else may be inserting those banners for the company and that they are being paid a commission for executing so

Let us just go behind the scenes and take a closer appear at what is traveling on here with this very efficacious way of commercializing someone elses products

So, we have a Health and Fitness company that want to bring their chosen products to the market. They desire these products to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the shortest time accomplishable. They contact a company that makes them a very eminent quality setting down page, and banners tied in to their products. This company would be a CPA Network. CPA is the abbreviation for “Cost per Action”. They specialise on conveying customers to the landing pages that stand for the products of their customers. To do this, the cpa network swear on Affiliate Marketers that are seeking for these offers to advance them. If the affiliate marketer likes what he sees, and thinks the landing page and the banners are acceptable, they make up one’s mind to promote that careful proffer

The promotion is actually quite easy and if you pick a product that is very popular and may even be recommended by a celebrity, you can make some serious money in a very short time

One easy and effective way of promotion is using the banner ads that the cpa network has made, and they are always very good. Or you can make your personal banners, and setting dpersonal pages for that matter. You would then take your banner and place it on a very eminent grading website, one that gets a few thousand visitors a day and is of course tied in to the product you desire to advance. Your banner should be placed, that every visitor to that website has instant eye contact to it. If he or she are concerned in what your banner has to proffer, they click on it, come in their name and email address, click submit and you get paid. Usually, the more information the visitor has to give about themselves, the more you would get paid. For example, if they are inquired to enter their credit card details, your commission could be as high as and more. For a zip up code or email address the commission could be anything between and

Well, I can conceive of that whoever is scanning this article now is either firing to get got down or, just reckons this is a load of cock and bull! Trust me on this, it really is that easygoing. But why do I cognize this and not many others don’t?

In October 2009 I took part on a ten week course teaching us underground cpa marketing techniques. The course was given by none other than Saj P. and Phil Mansour. If you have never got word of these guys, then you are really fresh to the internet commercializing world and have all the more reason to take on board what I am stating you here. In the course we spread over many antithetic ways to market cpa offers. However, the one method that really stood up out for me, and since then has changed the way I market online, was utilizing banner ads and media buys to advance offers and bring forth a storm of targeted traffic to where ever I desired it to go

These guys have just recently put all the knowledge they have on banner ad marketing with media buys, into one blueprint and made it public. In the banner ad blueprint, everything anyone needs to cognize about making an arbitrary killing with banner ads is set into a 8 module course incorporating videos, manuals and mind mapping reports. So it is really very easygoing for anyone that wants to tap into this impressive uncomplicated way of commercializing, and get down making money online

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Banner Ad Blueprint Review – Create Online Banner ads To Earn Money Online



Do you care to larn how to create online banner ads to gain money online utilizing the Banner ad Blueprint System? If you are not already utilizing banner advertisements to bring forth traffic and gain an income online, you should definitely happen out more about this opportunity. The professionals in Internet commercializing have abundant been using banner ads to earn money online, and statistics show that more than 85% of all visitors who make purchases or fall in online paid membership sites do so through banner advertisements.

1. How Do You Make Money Using Banner ad Blueprint?

This system is not only about trying to make money from Clickbank, Commission Junction and Cost Per Action affiliate networks like so many other guides teach. It goes further to make money from the easiest to advance affiliate networks that are not as democratic and dense in competition as likened to the ones leaned above.

This guide lists the most highly recommended networks that you should join and start promoting immediately to start extracting the most profits from your ads. If you are already utilizing CJ and Clickbank, the traffic strategies in this system will assist to further boost your sales, leads and profits.

2. My Experience with Using the Methods Inside Banner ad Blueprint

After testing out the use of banner advertisements, I have realized that this product has actually saved me a lot of time and effort from having to do trial and error. I am now competent to cognize which products are expected to change over well established on the traffic and other statistics that I am seeing from my ad campaigns.

Inside the guide, there are thousands of affiliate networks recommended that have been proven to work very well when the products are marketed using banner advertisements. Each module has clearly specified, step by step instructions that state how to transport out each process systematically

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Banner Ad Blueprint Review



It is said today that almost 70% of traffic comes from online ads and banners. This is probably the reason why most marketers and online managers be given to organise an ample part of their commercializing campaigns around the banner ads. If you are among those who desire to make a killing with their campaign, you should larn how to do it

What can help you in this effort? Basically the new product called Banner Ad Blueprint is one of the best products you can find in the market today

1. What Is Banner Ad Blueprint All About?

The Banner Ad Blueprint is the new product by Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones, two renowned online marketers who have managed to do what other people are still trying: make a killing online using the media they have in their disposal

Banner Ad Blueprint is a product that aims at explaining the secrets of internet marketing and how things work when it comes to traffic and generating income online. The product is projected in much a way to work out all the misconceptions tied in with traffic; it also aims at showing you what are the mistakes you are making when covering with online commercializing. The best thing about the program is that it shows many covert techniques that are conveyed by the gurus themselves

2. What Does The Program Consist Of?

The Banner Ad Blueprint consists of more than 30 videos, with a solid 10h content. It also has ten modules with ebooks and mind maps, so that you will have an accomplished idea of what we are mouthing about

The great advantage of the Banner Ad Blueprint is that it is suitable for affiliate marketers and anyone who works with CPA marketing, including Clickbank, Commission Junction and many other similar programs

3. Who Can Use The Banner Ad Blueprint?

You are probably wondering if this program is for you. Basically, if you are an affiliate marketer the program is just cold for you. You can use the information rendered in the program regardless of the level of your experience

This product course features all the cutting edge techniques you will need to make a killing

Banner Ad Blueprint – What’ S The Buzz About?



Banner Ad Blueprint Review

Banner Ad Blueprint is an astounding completely fresh system that every person is having a debate about

In concise, Banner Ad Blueprint demands to have the latent of being the top accomplished and uncomplicated steer to bringing forth targeted visitors and transmuting that unbent into an income.

Countless individuals reasoned out that banner ads and banner promotion campaigns past their due-by-date or deficient. That could not be further from reality. It is actually gauged that just about 85% of just about all paid for traffic is acted upon by banner advertisements. Indeed you have scan it proper. A correctly carried on banner ad commercializing campaign can for bound be incredibly financially fulfilling

It would come out that Banner Ad Blueprint can benefit both the qualified affiliate marketers and the affiliate commercializing novices. The Banner Ad Blueprint demonstrates to you the proper way to do an ad hominem highly efficacious keyword research, what is adjuratory for all of affiliate marketing newbies. Studying your basics unquestionably is worthy the effort. In addition, flavored affiliate online marketers can easily benefit at the same time since the tips and latest information regarding booming advertizing campaigns demoed by the training course can heighten the actual campaigns and assist to make the nearing campaigns much more financially appreciated.

That which is truly good about the Banner Ad Blueprint is that it affords a straightforward description of every part essential to obtain top Conversion and CTR levels. Simpleness is definitely its large bonus.

To conclude Banner Ad Blueprint is going to educate you:

The way to begin with affiliate marketing
The right way to most effectively and efficiently carry out market research and successfully learn all stages of the research practice
The way to know when to take advantage of landing pages and when to decide on direct links
How to be an expert in banner ads
How to subscribe with leading banner exchange ad communities
How to do Demographic Targeting campaigns
The way to correctly arrange Insertion Orders
The way to monitor all progress through Third party Adservers

Get a review of Banner Ad Blueprint and make sure you get the facts before you purchase

Banner Ad Blueprint Bonus And Review – Scam Or Real Deal?



What is Banner Ad Blueprint? Is it worthy purchasing? Or is it a Scam?

I have acquired this product and traveled through the materials. In this review, I will share with you EXACTLY what I have larned from it. After scanning this review, you’ll be competent to make an informed decision

Let’s get got down..

Banner Ad Blueprint is a video tutorial course that teaches you how to get ample amount of web traffic through Banned Ads. This commercializing strategy is also cognized as PAID MEDIA (or Media Buying). However, it’s more than just a traffic generation course, it also covers topics like affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, market research, tracking and much more..

For the purpose of this review, Paid media is any paid traffic source that’s NOT Google search. There are many forms of paid media much as: banner ads, text links, cultural media, contextual ads, email list rentals, pop-ups, etc. Since 1999, Paid media has go the predominant form of online traffic generation (over billion a year expended)

And surprisingly… Google Search is less than 15% of this!  

Therefore, there are billions of unsold ad slots, impressions, and clicks available every single day on non-Google sites. Inside the Banner Ad Blueprint, you’ll learn how to exploit these sites to generate massive amount of targeted traffic to your websites or blogs. With this system, your traffic sources are not subordinate on Google search

But, perhaps you have the following question…

Why not use the free method such as article marketing to drive free traffic?

Well…. Free Traffic is actually NOT loose!

Most people forget their time is worth something, by relying on a free method such as article marketing, they expend effort on generating traffic that is not scalable or consistent. Free traffic is close-grained if you are getting down out, but once you have a coagulated proffer, you necessitate a method that can give you an accordant flow of traffic

How about Pay-Per-Click or PPC?

PPC is a very powerful traffic generation system, however, it’s getting very expensive these days. If you’re not aware, you can misplace a lot of money in PPC. Also, too many people are getting struck around by Google. This is very disagreeable and discouraging for many advertisers

With Banner Ad Blueprint, you don’t need to worry about Google Slap or spending too much money on advertising. It will show you how to use banner ads for affordable, how to test and track, and turn over your product or service out to a big audience

Here are some of the things that you’ll learn:

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Doing the proper beginning stages of Market Research

Whether to Direct Link or to use Landing Pages

Complete Banner Masterization

Signing up with some of the TOP banner exchange Ad Networks

Following through to the 2nd stages of proper Market Research (Demograpic Targeting)

Setting up Insertion Orders

Tracking all progress using 3rd party Adservers

and much more…


Banner Ad Blueprint is a quality video course that shows you step by step how to create consistent flow of targeted traffic to your sites by using banner ads. If you have an acceptable product or service to proffer, I highly urge you to sign up for this course and use the commercializing/advertizing techniques instructed inside to reach big audience.

Special Bonus Worth Over ,000

I have also created a special bonus (worth over ,000) to go with this product. If you purchase this product from my link, I will send out you my concentrated bonuses for FREE! You can check up on out ALL the bonuses by travelling to the link below