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And the Banner Man Held His Banner High



Article by Martin Avis

We hear it all the time: “Banners don’t work anymore!”But did ‘banners’ ever really work in the first place?The latest published figures seem to suggest that theaverage click-thru-rate (CTR) for a banner ad on theInternet is between 0.15% and 0.3%. That is 1.5 to 3per thousand.Why is that such a surprise? Can you remember the lasttime you clicked on a banner ad? I certainly can’t.Yet businesses are still putting banners up. Are theyjust kidding themselves?In the same way that big businesses will buy endless TVspots or radio ads to get their name better known, sotoo are banner ads used as a branding medium. Thesecampaigns, where response is only a secondary aim,bring the average CTRs down considerably.In the offline advertising world, Direct Responseadvertising is thriving. Ads that solicit a measurableaction – call this number, fill this coupon, visit thisweb site – are growing as a percentage of the total.The reason is simple. Every measurable response letsthe advertiser learn more about the mix of media on hisschedule. Newspaper A pulls more calls than newspaper B- then lets drop ‘A’ from the plan and try out ‘C’.This constant learning and refining should be practicedonline as well, but how many do it? The overall CTR isfurther damaged by too many banners being bought on thewrong sites, and staying there too long.An advantage that offline media planners have is thesheer volume of research into the audiences of everyadvertising medium you can think of. So before a singledollar is spent, they know that their ads will be seenby the most appropriate people.Not so online. Yet. In a large number of cases, bannerads are bought and sold in bulk. For every perfect siteyou buy, several others may be included in ‘thepackage’. This arbitrary approach will decline if sitesare forced to audit both the size and composition oftheir audiences before advertisers will buy from them.Making a successful banner campaign depends on fourfactors:1. Ensuring that the audience of the site you advertiseon is as closely matched as possible to your own. Notjust in terms of age and socio-demographics, but alsoin attitude. Wastage is useless, and expensive.2. Advertising on popular sites that people are likelyto have bookmarked. One of the reasons many peopleresist clicking on banners is because they know theywill be taken away from the site they are viewing tosomeplace they may not want to be. Highly bookmarkedsites are easy to find again.3. Getting the right price. Until recently, most sitesselling banners insisted on a cost-per-thousandimpressions policy. The advertiser pays every time aviewer has an opportunity to click the banner whetheror not that opportunity is taken. This is becomingoutdated, thankfully, as a more appropriate payment-by-results model is growing in popularity.4. Getting the creative right. This is not easy. Havingspent many years working in advertising agencies, I cantell you that the few creative people really understandthe Internet. They end up creating online versions ofbillboard advertising. Since the majority of billboardads are about branding and image, not direct response,the difficulty is clear.I recently ran a banner campaign for a web site whichshowed up-to-the-minute financial data on budget day.Banners were tactically placed on news and currentaffairs sites, using clear, unambiguous copy. Noflashing lights or animations, just a simple, appealingmessage. The click-thru rates were between 5% and 8%.The server was overwhelmed.Recently, I have seen reports that banners that aredesigned specifically for the site they appear on – sothat they blend in and look like part of the site -have achieved click-thru rates of over 10%.In summary, here is my top ten pointers for making yourbanners work well above the average:Audience——–1. Aim at the right people2. Be relevant. Make sure your main offer is ‘in tune’with what the site’s viewers are thinking about.Research——–3. Keep testing. Instantly drop any banner that isn’tpulling.4. Know how much you can pay. If you are averaging per click and one in fifty buy from you, then you hadbetter make more than 0 profit on each sale, or youwill go bust.5. Before you spend any money on a site, talk to otheradvertisers. If they say that their response stunk,(and their ad seems reasonably okay), bear this in mindwhen you negotiate price.Design——6. Make your banner intriguing. If they don’t care,they won’t click.7. Tell them what’s in it for them. If you show orimply a really great benefit that they will gain fromyour site, they are more likely to click to see more.8. Consider disguising your banner. If you make it looklike part of the site, more people may have theconfidence to click it.Price—–9. Don’t buy cost-per-thousand impressions unless youreally have to – and the price is low enough.10. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Never take thefirst price offered. Always ask for (and expect) adiscount on the price, or a bonus on top of what youare buying.Achieving valuable CTR’s can be done, but not byblindly following the sheep. Successful advertisers dothings a little differently.

My Secret Articles – 10 Killer Ways To Make People Click On Your Ads



Article by Anil Pandey

Have you wondered why some people get their ads clicked like crazy and why others just keep on sending out ads but nobody clicks on them?

The first category people are the real earners, but the second category people are left high and dry- with a big hole in their pockets! The reality behind this is that the people getting the most clicks are those who know how to deal with a customer. They know what the customer wants and place their ads accordingly. That is how their ads get clicked and they earn handsome amounts. Another often overlooked fact is that they are also people just like you and me. YOU can also become like one of them if you follow these simple, but vital, tips:

1. Use reverse psychology on your banner ads. Youcould tell people not to click on your banner ad. Forexample “Don’t Click Here If You Are ComfortableWith Your Looks”

2. Make your banner ad words as attractive aspossible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling,hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlightyour total offer.

3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. Peopleare always looking for good deals. You could offera percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one getone free discount, etc.

4. Use a testimonial on your banner ad. This’ll givepeople proof they aren’t wasting their time clickingon your banner ad. The testimonial should includeenough information so they understand the offer.

5. You could have a famous and respectable personon your banner ad representing your product, website or service. People will click because they’ll trustthem over you.

6. Use a strong guarantee on your banner ad. Youcould include the guarantee as a headline for youroffer. It could read double or triple your money backguarantee, lifetime your money back guarantee, etc.

7. Tell people to click on your banner ad. Newbiesto the internet may net even know they can click onbanners. Just having the phrase “click here” on yourbanner will increase your clickthroughs.

8. You could advertise a trial or sample offer. Thiswill tell people there is no risk or obligation if theyclick on your banner ad and try out your product orservice.

9. Tell people the major benefit of your product, website or service on your banner ad. It could be benefitslike make money, lose weight, increase energy, savemoney, save time, etc.

10. You could advertise a free offer on your bannerad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relateto your target audience. If the freebie is attractiveto them they will click.

There are scores of sites and programs on the net, which claim to make you rich overnight, some even claim to make you “,000 in 30 days”. But the point is, are such types of income really possible for the average person with nil or negligible knowledge, who may or may not be able to different between concepts like reciprocal backlinks and one-way links, or any other advanced and sophisticated approach. Would you like to know about a program, which is totally Honest in its claims. Read more at Review of Honest Income Program….

Banner Advertising – How To Get One

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Article by Scott Lindsay

Large companies that have impressive advertising budgets are doing very well with animated or video directed banner ads on some of the most visited websites on the Internet. The content is creative and professional.

Many people may think of banner ads as a rectangular box with a static and stationary company logo with a clickable link. Some may remember early animated banner ads that appeared to be a game, but no matter where you clicked it took you to a business website or flashing banners that tell you that you are the 10,000th customer and a winner of some valuable prize.

Today’s banner ads are impressive and high profile. With the advent of AdSense and other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising methods it was thought the use of banner ads was no longer something that business owners should engage in.

I think the truth is many business owners understood the value of visually appealing advertising. They could design creative ads for newsprint or television so why not the Internet. Had the notion of creativity been relegated to the fewest words with the most keyword specific target?

In the end the business owners helped reestablish banner ads with a whole new look.

Is it possible for small business owners to find success in banner advertising? Well, chances are pretty good you will not be able to successfully compete for the same ad space big business owners occupy. That being said you can look for a trusted forum that is geared toward the industry you serve. Most of these forum owners can supply an attractive price for banner advertising.

It is possible you don’t have a background in graphic design. You have two options. The first is to hire a graphic designer who can assist you in creating one or more banner ads. The second idea is to utilize the website This site is filled with graphic designers who can provide logos at no cost.

What’s the catch?

The designers on this website are at various stages in their skill level. The designers accept a donation if you choose to provide one. The most professional among the ranks at this website provide design work to add material to their portfolio and to solicit additional work beyond the original free graphic work. Just make sure you ask the designer for the exact banner ad size you need (check with the site you plan on advertising with).

Most of these artists will provide one free graphic per customer and if you would like the same designer to work on additional material you may want to consider hiring them.

You do have options that include banner advertising. I’ve supplied a few ideas on ways you can go about developing a banner ad and I’ve also given you one primary location for banner ad placement. If I were to suggest another location it may likely be with an online magazine that deals with your industry.

Marketing is all about advertising. In an online environment advertising can be about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) or banner ads to name a few.

Explore your options and do your best to develop a plan that includes affordable ways to get your message to the buying public.

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Banner Advertising – The Key To Brand Marketing

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Article by Deepak Kamboj

While surfing through Internet one is common in most of the websites is flashing of jazzy banner advertising. Petite and pretty formation of these graphical ads surely turn our heads and our mouse to click upon them. So what are these rectangular piece of ads empowered with to create stimulating effects on its fragment of viewers? Biggies in online businesses bet on these to bring them potential traffic to their traffic. Small players invest on these ads to make a big impression that camouflage their size of business to stand next to bigger competitors. Some site owners simply boast off their latest promotional offer by roping through these crowd pulling ad forms.

As per expert designers of banner ads, share of planning, putting efforts and investment of time involved in banner ads contradict small size of them considerably. To get the banner ad pull heavy and heavier traffic, designers put in great and greater attempts in selection of contents, images, designing tools, experimenting on effectiveness by adding or altering components of banner ads and conducting researches on placement of these ads on publishers etc. As a well composed banner creates huge impacts on surfers, likewise positioning of the banner at the publishers’ sites equally potent in bringing traffic. After all, it the that site that acts as the source of traffic for a banner ad. Therefore, an array of factors work behind success of a banner –

1.A catchy headline2.Keep the prim and simple3.Limit file size as much as possible to get easily loaded4.An animated or flash banner is 25% more effective than static banners. 5.Place the banner at a site that do not pose as competitor 6.Discard sites that act as ‘banner farm’ by clustering too many banners7.Select the sites that complement the products your site is dealing with. 8.Sites attracting sheer number of Internet users to it is able to drive potential traffic to your site.

With passing of time, banner advertising happens to the advertising tool most of the advertising company and advertisers want to incorporate to their array of advertising campaigns to make sure they can successfully perform task of branding, multiply traffic of visitors and generating sales and profits.

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How To Use Banner Advertising Effectively

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Article by Deepak

Banner advertising involves using banners to highlight products and their features and is a very effective way to market them. Banner advertising becomes even more useful on web sites that contain more of text-based ads such as product reviews or pay-per-click ads. If banner advertising is used on such websites, visitors or surfers will like the idea.

For banner advertising to be effective, it is very essential that banner ads are designed and crafted in a very professional way. Its look and design should be such that surfers feel compelled to click on them. Taking the services of experts in designing banner ads will be handy and in fact is very essential. Eye-grabbing ads are liked by everybody leave alone surfers.

For banner advertising to be successful, banner ads should carry clear and concise business message across web surfers. It should be able to instantly make the web user understand what product or service it is talking about. Since web surfers are short of time and they are on the surfing spree, an unclear and incomprehensible ad will put them off.

Another essential aspect of successful banner advertising to create banner ads that are able to demarcate clearly what benefits will your product offer to the web surfers. The idea is to make surfers inquisitive about what is in store for them.Combination of proper words and better design can do wonders for your ad to get your message across.

Banner advertising is all about making people click. Here using a white background to make it look like a content and blue text to present your ad can do the trick. Surfers associate blue colour with hyperlinks and are therefore more likely to click on them. Further, attention-seeking headlines can be very useful.

The most essential aspect of banner advertising is that it is passive, round-the-clock, and less expensive. In short, banner advertising aims at educating people about products and services, their availability, price comparisons, their benefits, and other relevant information. Banner advertising is the most cost efficient and result-oriented form of advertising. Taking the help of a digital marketing agency can further enhance the outlook of your ads.

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Top 5 Banner Advertising Tips

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Article by Andrew Green

When looking for a great way to advertise you business online a banner ad might be precisely what you are looking for. Banner marketing campaigns have such a wide reaching consumer base that they can really give your business a jump-start. However, the key to a great banner ad is how well the marketing plan has been designed behind it. You will want to make sure that your companies advertising plan is unique, attention grabbing, and is prominently placed on the web.

So you know that you want your banner ad campaign to be successful, but what can you do to ensure its success? There are five easy tips that will help you make sure that your banner ad is the best and most eye catching that it can be. By following these, you will be setting yourself up for marketing success!

Add Animation

When creating your banner ad by adding in a bit of animation you can actually catch the consumer’s eye more easily. It has been shown that banner ads usually gain a higher click through rate. This proves that more people are seeing your advertisement and that it is sparking their interest. Animation is great, but you will need to take care to not integrate animation that is too complicated. You will want to be sure to keep your animation limited to a 5-7 second loop. If you incorporate more than that, you may actually irritate your consumers, which is definitely not what you want.

Encourage Interaction

Customers who see your banner ad is a good thing, but customers who click on your ad is even better. If you can build in a button that they can click on to order your product or request more information you can significantly increase your ad’s effectiveness.

Make Your Ad Eye Catching

There is a lot happening on the web so making your ad stand out is vital to its success. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the colors that you choose. By selecting bright eye catching colors you will increase the likelihood that your ad will attract the consumers attention.

People Love Free Stuff

People love getting something for nothing so that is a great way to spark their interest in your product. By offering a gift or a gift with purchase then you will be able to entice people to click on your banner.

Keep it Simple

Your banner ad does not have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity is key. By creating an easy to read banner ad the consumer has an easier time navigating it, and therefore is more likely to click on it.

Advertising is a huge factor to your businesses success or failure. By using Internet banner ads you will be able to reach a wider variety of future customers. With these basic tips, you can be sure that your Internet banner ad will be a success that will help you increase your client base significantly.

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Standout Banner Designs for Minnesota Home Builders

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Article by John Webb

From developing concept to completing the construction works in respect of the Minnesota Residential Construction you require effective support of your customers. It is never possible to succeed in the construction business without such support. On the other hand the requirements can vary distinctly from buyer to buyer. Therefore it is necessary that your efficiency and excellence of construction, expertise and experience are adequately reflected and the buyer has adequate knowledge about it. Such information and knowledge will induce him or her to buy the home constructed and to requisition your services from time to time. But how are you going to ensure this? The answer lies in your methods of publicity campaigns. And such publicity campaign can be conducted in various ways. One of the most popular and effective methods is using banners for the publicity. Designing your banners in effective manner that attracts the customers could give you desired success in your endeavor. That is why you find numerous banners online and offline that the Minnesota Home Builders have set up for attracting the potential customers. It is now a common standard for even the small and medium advertisers providing banners that could attract easily the customers. If you are one of the Home Builders Rochester or Minnesota then the most pertinent question for you is why the banner ads are good for your business? In fact the banner ads are one of the best sources of traffic generation for your site or business. Especially when you are floating banner ads online and if they are qualitative and attractive easily transporting the desired message to the end users then it can really generate huge traffic to your website and thereby substantially increasing revenue earnings. Some of the potent reasons for which the Home Builders Rochester and the Minnesota Home Builders prefer banner ads to most other form of advertising and publicity could be summed up as follows.

The traffic generated by banner ads is stable and automated. Once you hoist it on several websites, there is little more effort necessary on your part as the process is automated.Banner ad traffic is perhaps the best converted one. Most of the people visiting your website are well educated on the subject. With unqualified customers you will have lower conversion rate from potential to real customers.

So banner ads are good and they are effective. But the question is how do you make the best banner ads? The problem with them is that most of the viewers on the web do not like to look to the banner ads. Yet for making your online or offline business successful, banner ads are near indispensable. Naturally when it comes to Minnesota Residential Construction also you have to follow the same pattern using the banner ads. Good news for you is that it is now possible making real good banner ads that would be positive and will be very attractive for the viewers thus enhancing the traffic generation for your site and jumpstarting your business.

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Four Good tips meant for Skillful Website Design Banner

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Article by Joann Snell

The internet world has made website design banner advertising a well-liked and prevalent type of publicity where practically most of the online resources include one or another type of banner advertising on it. However it is assumed that the effectiveness of website design banner publicity online has declined, there’s a lot of ideas, which if taken, prove to produce people hustle to your website!

People have no instant to delay. Therefore make certain the banner advertisement utilizes only a tiny file. It’s because a huge.gif or.jpg file requires a few seconds to acquire, wherein the visitor might have either left the page or simply scrolled through the page without considering the website design banner. And if individuals never observe your banner, they’re certain not going to click it! Therefore allow it to become a point to restrict your file amount to lower than 10K or 15K;it may be tricky, nevertheless where there’s a determination, there’s a way! Allow it to become a point to have a request to action in your website design banner. This means obtaining terminology ‘click here’ or ‘sign up now’, where you lead an individual to visit the banner. The principle logic this must be included is that individuals are so familiar with off-line promotion where citizens only see website design banners, devoid of needing to perform anything. They are likely to be not knowledgeable that they should click the banner to discover more! So help it become a point to have a call to action in your website design banner ad to improve the effectiveness of your banner.

Individuals are always more attracted as a result of moving elements in the website design banner. As the whole inspiration of banner publicity would be to seize the eye of people, using little animation inside the website design banner is bound to attain this. On the other hand, allow it to be small since if the file for that animation is bulky, then its downloading time will likely be extensive. This tries on the endurance of the web client and may even anger them. Whilst upset, they may moreover merely go away without clicking on the banner. The incorporation of some variety of fake element inside the website design banner in addition makes the banner victorious. There are lots of artificial elements’ website design banner makers can use akin to false scroll bars, false content containers and pretend submits buttons. While using false elements, the internet client think that they’re clicking on a link to another page while clicking on the fake scroll bar, while truly, they are instead clicking over a banner with a picture of a button and text link.

Whilst designing the banner, utilize lively colors similar to blue, green and yellow as they have a higher CTR than black and white website design banners. The color red needs to be used cautiously. It is quite highly recommended by means of the word “gratis” within your banner as you are usually certain to acquire more clicks this method. Of course, make sure you decide on this free proposition, based on the item on the website design banner ad. Show people that clicking in the banner will prove to be advantageous to him or her. You may put questions similar to ‘would you like supplementary traffic’ or ‘want aid with taxes’ within your website design banner, wherein the solution is found in your internet site. Citizens do not have the persistence to read extensive banners; so keep them brief. Whilst individuals click on a website design banner, they need to go on to the website page to locate the data they desire. They don’t possess the endurance to finish up on the home page to get information looking for the required information.

An additional imperative tip to be remembered about website design banner advertising is to put the banner on internet pages that target for your target spectators. This implies, that when you’ve got a website design banner for the latest golf club, without a doubt of no function placing it on a site devoted to computer software. Site visitors to the current site is not going to be interested in the banner, consequently leading to no clicks within the website design banner, and consequently a squander of the wealth. Call attention to the benefits of your product, and not it’s features, as this is exactly what interests a visitor more. It is definitely better to check your banners by designing several website design banners via different variations as well as messages. Run every banner for a week or two, afterward pull together figures on its click through rates. Afterward investigate the information to work out what exactly is familiar amid the winning website design banners. You’ll be able to subsequently refine your banner ad accordingly and test them all over again.

Make use of all the following pointers inside your next website design banner ad, and you will be bound to find various advancements in its acceptance with added people rushing to visit your site!

5 Tips for Effective Banner Advertising

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Article by Sharon Boggs

I’m sure you have had your share of banner ads while browsing through the internet – they appear in the most inconspicuous of places and yet somehow always seem to know exactly what you’ve been looking at on the web over the last few days. Can you believe it’s already been 16 years since the Internet’s first banner ad made an appearance? That’s enough to make anyone feel old!

16 years means banner ads have been around for almost as long as the Internet has, but how effective have they been? With mixed results, it’s not easy to say. Some people swear by them, some people swear at them and most just completely ignore them! That may not sound so encouraging, but effective banner ads have been proven time and again to bring thousands of visitors and customers to a brand or product’s website, translating to a lot of attention and revenue for a company.

However, how easy is it to create an effective banner ad? The answer may surprise you. So many advertisers seem to have the wrong idea of what draws people to an ad. Throwing in tons of images, animations, sounds and buttons doesn’t attract people – it just annoys them! Knowing how to create a simple and yet effective banner ad is vital and the amount of money you put into designing a good ad will translate to a larger effect on the advertising campaign.

Here are some tips for effective banner advertising that are relatively easy to implement:

Know your audience and competition. Log onto competitors’ websites and browse through the hundreds of ads you’ll encounter. Pick through the ones you really like and the ones you can’t stand to look at. Note down any common factors and try to use/avoid those in your own banner design.

Keep it simple. Sounds in your ad are unnecessary and will just irritate viewers trying to focus on the main site they’re visiting. Try not to clutter your ad with images that will distract the viewer. Make sure the text is easy to understand and asks the users to click on the banner. This seems obvious but most advertisers forget to add a simple “click here” message that grabs viewers.

Keep file size smallThis will help you ensure you only put the necessities and important details in your ad and keep it to the point. Avoid Flash like the plague. It’s annoying and makes a website slow to load, increasing chances of a viewer just getting impatient and navigating somewhere else instead. With the popularity of Flash-incompatible technology such as the iPad and ad-blockers, using Flash in your ad may mean it doesn’t get shown at all.

Use brandingMake sure your company name and logo features on the banner. It makes a good impression and helps viewers remember a brand.

Use text effectivelyConsider asking questions to tease viewers on the ad. Studies have shown that asking questions increases click-through rate by 16% and that’s huge! Also use humor if appropriate. Viewers are more likely to click on something that’s thought provoking and entertaining rather than the same old mass-produced banners they see everywhere else.

With these simple tips, you can make sure your banner draws as many people as possible and doesn’t annoy or distract viewers so much that they get irritated by your brand just because of its bothersome banners!

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Simple to Apply Banner Advertising Suggestions

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Article by Daniel Arron

New marketing strategies may come and go but banner advertising has stood the test of time online. Other businesses are using the power of banner ads, aren’t you ready to take your share? See what a difference following these three tips can make for your banner ad efforts.

The text that you enter on your banner ads is always short and straight to the punch, which is a good reason for using powerful words like free, powerful, amazing, easiest, etc so that you readers are pulled in towards them. It is true that when an ad has words that create motion, they will make customers take action. The only thing that is major about your banner ad is the amount of times that people come and click through it. So when someone sees your ad and has something to say with powerful words weaved in and out of the graphics, they will want to continue and click through.

An important suggestion that you need to abide by is to ensure that your banner ads are not too heavy. You don’t want your customers to be hit in the face with your slow moving banner ads, which is the last thing you should want. Your ads have to be lightweight and carry graphics that can load easily at any Internet speed. If you want to put animation in your ads, be certain that they do not take a long time to load and start.

Even this might seem obvious, a lot of banner advertisers try to make their ads more enticing to get customers. If you must, scale down the use of graphics, which will immediately cut down on the size. When you understand your banner ads, there is nothing to stop you. However, until this occurs, you should test a few banner sizes so that you will know exactly what to expect.

Keep your graphics simple but make them effective. Don’t make them too gaudy or flashy because nowadays, the banner ads that really work are the ones that don’t interrupt the viewer but are soothing. You want your audience to be attracted to your ad not repelled by it. Once upon a time, flashy was the way to go, but times have changed for banner advertising – for the better. You will not get the same results from these types of ads today. It’s important that you sit down and talk to your banner ad designer and specifically instruct them to create an ad that is sophisticated and at the same time simple.

All in all, banner advertising is a advertising format that is sticking around. But with time, the competition is getting larger, which is why you must ensure that you are utilizing these suggestions to enhance your campaign for the better.