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Easy Banner Promoting Tips that Work

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Article by Orlando Peppers

Banner advertising isn’t reserved for the elite. In fact, anyone with a moderate budget can use it go get traffic. If you really want to succeed with banner advertising, you must remember the things that we are about to discuss.

Always design your ads with courtesy, and what we mean by that is do not make your ads so heavy that they impact the browser load time. A lot of important sites care about slow loading, such as Google – it’s in their Caffeine update, and that goes for the general public, too. Make sure your ads are light weight and fast loading so that your visitors don’t have to suffer at your ad’s expense. It’s not so much about the banner size as it is the graphics in them and other considerations related to the graphics. Flash animation ads can be a problem, so it’s always good to split test, but one thing you can do is make the animation speed a lower setting. The point we’re trying to make here is the banner ads you use on your site should never be heavy and always deliver the message in the lightest way. The very best strategy is to always base your ads, graphics, and anything else on your target market. Depending on your market, it is always safe to err on the side of simplicity and clarity with your banner ads.

All of your banner ads must have a strong call to action because without it, you will never receive positive feedback. If you want your prospects to take certain actions, you can’t be too vague with your message. Don’t assume that they know what you are talking about or that you don’t have to explain things. The difference between success and failure can be determined by whether or not you have a clear call to action. There are many wonderful banner ads that did not get the job done because they failed to get the right message to the prospects. For instance, if you want customers to go to your blog and sign up for your newsletter, then you have to specify this in your banner advertising. Make sure that your banner advertising has a strong call to action.

In order to get the most out of your banner advertising campaign, you must change the banner ad frequently. Some have stated that after roughly 2-300,000 impressions, then you need to make a new banner. This is why you should have at least three to four version of the banner ad placed on various important sites that get you a response. Always study your tracking logs, including for your banner ads, and then you should be able easily see which is working best.

You can make money with banner ads, but realize there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Make Money From Your Website, The Perfect Banner advertising Networks

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Article by Jens Ninjamarketing

Banner advertising payout rates have definitely decreased considering that the heady days of the late 90′s, but there’s some very good news for web masters looking for a flexible and dependable way of selling banner ad space. Banner ads have come a lengthy way with numerous distinct choices and variations on creatives. On an associated topic, if you are more thinking about implementing pop up/under ads as an indicates of producing income, find out far more in our pop up and pop under revenue guide.


Does the network supply ads which are relevant to your subject location or that would appeal towards the users of your web site? Irrelevant ads will not only fail if you are participating in a CPC campaign, but they might annoy your visitors.

CPC, CPM and CPA options

A superb ad agency will give you a mixture of CPC and CPM ads. CPC ads pay when a visitor to your web site clicks on a banner by way of to an advertisers net site . CPM advertising is based on $ X.XX per thousand views (impressions). An additional variation is CPA – a visitor clicks a banner, passes through towards the advertiser’s net web site and either purchases (a sale) or expresses interest (a lead) within the companies products or services. CPA pays the highest but typically has a much lower conversion ratio.

Control over ads displayed

The far better ad networks have comprehensive publisher/affiliate administrative interfaces where you are able to preview a banner and decide no matter whether you would like that certain campaign displayed on your web site. This is especially useful in case you (or your visitors) object to certain kinds of advertising – including those wonderful flashing ads that we have all grown to adore ;0) – an interesting and incredible reality is the fact that those flashing ads do draw high clickthrough rates – figure that one out! If your agency is genuinely on the ball, there will also be visual flags inside your administration region to indicate that the ad consists of references to adult material, gambling or tobacco related goods and so on.

Default ad manage

Most agencies have quotas on the number of ads appearing to certain users. After that quota is filled for the hour or day etc., “default” ads will likely be displayed. These banners don’t earn you any cash – but they do often display community oriented ads, so it is possible to also be promoting positive social messages – but make sure to check this out just before signing up. High quality agencies will also provide you with manage more than these default ads permitting you to display your own offers instead. This provides you further opportunities in making money from this prime advertising space. If the default banner rate is too high in proportion to paying banners, and those non-paying banners promote other companies, then these networks are nicely worth avoiding.


The days of the .00 CPM ads are fairly a lot properly over, unless you find advertisers your self by direct advertising, but you will find nonetheless fantastic payment rate differences in between networks. Shop about meticulously. You need to aim to obtain on average US.00 – .00 CPM or at least US$ .15 – $ .20 CPC.

Referral Bonuses

Yet another strategy to benefit financially from your publisher/affiliate association is to be paid a percentage of any referrals of new affiliates or advertisers towards the network from your net web site. Again, the rates vary tremendously in between networks, but an ongoing rate of 5% is actually a level that will present you with decent residual income within the years ahead. With advertising campaigns really usually running into thousands of dollars, it truly is potential to draw a superb supplementary income from referring advertisers.

Payout Schedule

Look for a banner network that pays promptly. I came across a couple of agencies that paid up to four months soon after the finish of month! A common pay schedule is anything from 15-30 days following the end of month.

Terms and Conditions

Just before joining any banner ad network, ensure you read the terms and conditions meticulously. The banner advertising market is well known for its share of fraud – perpetrated by all parties. Some agencies combat this with Draconian rules, which gives publishers and affiliates very small flexibility – appear for an agency that takes fraud seriously, but nonetheless provides you some room to move. It really is also Very crucial to read the terms and conditions meticulously, otherwise you could be breaking the rules with out even understanding it. This normally outcomes in termination of one’s account and forfeit of any cash which you have produced.

Tips to Make Your Banner Design More Attractive

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Article by Rupa Das Sarma

Banner ad is really very important in your business. It helps the customers to know about your company and lead them to your website. Therefore the banner design must be unique and catchy so that the visitors must look at it and get attracted to it. After all the business and sales of your company depends on those ads so you cannot take the design lightly.Your banner ad design needs to be stylish but at the same time it has to be justified with the pattern and concept of your product or service. It should reflect all the aspects of your business in order to attract the people to your website. Hence there are some factors that you need know about the banners design to make it a huge success in internet.The Important Factors of Banner Design:1. Flash Banner: It has been proven that the flash banners attract more visitors than the simple banner design. Flash banner ad is also significant and effective in getting good ROI as well as CTR than the regular banner ad. So try to use flash banners when you are preparing banner designs for your next advertisement.2. Relevant to Business: Make sure that your advertisement shows the main idea of your business very clearly. It must have relevance with the core idea of your business and website. Try to highlight the main plan of your business in your ad so that the visitors get to know what exactly you are offering to them3. Make it Simple: No matter what type of banner design you are applying to your ad, it must be simple. You put the as in internet not to make the viewers confused about your product, but to give them a hint or idea about your offering. So keeping your as simple will be the best thing that you could do with your banner ad.4. Call to Action: Always leave this option in your ad. Use buttons like “click here” or “visit now” to give the visitors a chance to visit your website immediately. These will make them interactive with your ad too.So these are some basic tricks that you could apply to your banner design to make it more attractive among the visitors of internet. These effects will make your advertisement appropriate for your business and you can be able to earn good profit out the ad.

General Banners Suggestions that actually work

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Article by Blancnuo Payztty

Before spending your hard-earned money any advertising, including banner advertising, it’s imperative and cognizant of get smart regarding this – master how the system functions. Given the following are 3 all to easy to apply tips that will make your banner advertising a lot more responsive.

The best tip will be to efficiently target the right of those with your banner ads. Be sure you add your banner ad campaigns with more specific and relevant keywords to ensure that it will provide you with really the possibility of needing a very high rank with the yahoo and google. All of us are aware that everyone who searches online goes to the more popular the search engines just like Google, so having a page by using a banner which can be ranked in a perfect keyword will be really important. Also in terms of into targeting your market, your banner ads will be tailored towards your prospects in such a way going without shoes doesn’t look vague. The greater number of focused your banner ad campaigns is, the more often chances you’ll have to do well.

How well your banners convert will rest with content, or copy, that you you should get some banners. All of the content found on the internet is pretty vast. Banner advertising impose stiff space requirements, so you have to almost write a free ad that may be able to uncover the click-through. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your banner graphics are, if the copy sucks after this you won’t get a response from people. This means you need to include an exceptionally strong benefit in the banner copy. To ensure the best approach, usually, may be to hit people right regarding the eyes will your strong USP. You have to know presently that industry is always the most critical aspect to business.

Last, be certain that the websites are tested before they are live. You need to use a number of options for testing your banner ad campaigns simply so be aware of these are functioning properly. First above all, you ought to it is important to ads are best with all major browser, because the things that work for example, may well not be employed by the second. Also, make certain that internet page are found during the right place and are generally pointing on the right websites. You wouldn’t want broken links with your banner ads due to the fact can confuse an offer. If someone makes changes world wide web, be certain that they cannot conflict with your ads to that particular there won’t be getaways surprises.

You should attempt to see the most out of your banners campaign by testing all ads before each goes live. Make sure to continue taking advantage of banner advertising mainly because it can actually computer software into your business.

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Ban the Banners

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Article by Michael T. Smith

New webmasters often hold the mistaken belief, that the more banner ads theyhave on their site, the more money they will make. They blanket their siteswith them, hoping, that the more banners people see, the better the chance,that someone will actually click on them.What they don’t understand, however, is that they are actually drivingtraffic away, by making their sites unattractive and slow. The banner adsthat were supposed generate income drive away potential customers.Do you like banner ads? Now, ask yourself the question: “Why do you think,that others would feel different than you do?”While large ads may be successful in magazines, newspapers and telephonebooks, what person would wants them to consume his or her bandwidth on theweb? Isn’t the Internet already slow enough?Why do you think that one of the most popular sections on our website is theone that covers programs to eliminate banners and pop-up windows? Manypeople are sick of obnoxious, in-you-face advertising. They are fed up withthe useless clutter of ads filling most websites.No long ago, we removed all the banner ads at our site, leaving only textlinks. The results were that we saw dramatic increase in both traffic andrevenue. Removing the banners increased both our popularity and our profits.Amazingly enough, not one person wrote back to us and complained about thebanners being removed.Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do advertisers use banner ads, if theyare so unpopular with the public?”The answer is simple: Name Recognition!The truth of the matter is advertisers don’t really care if people buy fromyour site as long as at some point in time, people remember the product orservice and buy it.Think about it. You annoy your visitors with dozens of ads about somedot-com, causing them to flee your site. Later on, the same visitorsremember those ads and go to the site directly. The company makes a sale,and they don’t even have to pay the person, who advertised it.There are some very popular sites on the Internet with huge affiliateprograms. You can find their banners everywhere. You might think that itwould be a cinch to make money off such sites by simply placing one of theirbanners on your site, but guess again. With so many ads, people don’t needyour banners to find them. Most people have bookmarked them already. Toeffectively advertise such popular sites, you need to target your readerswith custom reviews or inform people about specific sales and promotions sothat they feel compelled to click on the link immediately.Now, I am not here to tell you that removing the banners off your site willmake you an instant success. Without compelling content on your site, youstill may not see any changes in traffic. A site that is nothing more than aseries of ads is unlikely to be successful, regardless of what form theadvertising the webmaster uses.I am not suggesting that everyone should remove banners from their siteeither. Indeed, it would be foolish for the owner of a popular site toremove paid advertising that is generating income. If advertisers arewilling to pay up front for banner ads, or if you have banner ads that areperforming well, by all means, keep them!What I am suggesting, however, is that if you have banner ads that aren’tgenerating income that you expected, you might think about removing orreplacing them. Consider text-based adverting with compelling reviews aboutthe products or services. Give your readers something more than just flashyslogans or pictures of beautiful models. Provide your visitors with reasonswhy they actually need a product or service, so that they buy it from yoursite now, rather than later.Instead of simply placing a banner on your site for a site where people canbuy a product, write an informative article or review about the product, andthen tell your readers where they can find a great deal on it.

Is Banner Advertising Better Than PPC?

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Article by Scott Lindsay

Banner advertising was around long before Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and it’s no big news that PPC is the new dominant advertising tool for many businesses. After all, PPC is laser focused and very direct in working to draw a very specific customer type to your site.

Banner advertising has been described by some as being akin to the dodo bird. In essence the feeling among some is that this kind of advertising is nearing a point of extinction and may be remembered with warm fuzzies, but may not be missed.

However, a quick trip into the depths of cyber space and you will find all kinds of banner ads, and major corporations develop and use them.

Do they know something you don’t?

I think what some of these corporations do know is that banner advertising can move beyond simple static graphics. In essence many banner ads today are being developed to include bold interaction that may appear as a game or perhaps as a mini movie.

These banner ads serve a unique niche for the visually oriented consumer.

The use of banner advertising may be used when the advertising business has a fairly clear understanding of the benefit of advertising on a specific site or sites. For instance if a site draws thousands of visitors a day and your product or service fits the demographic of the site then using banner ads that can help the visitor visualize something more then PPC text has the ability to facilitate a better Return on Investment (ROI).

If PPC is the ‘everyman’ advertising method then the new generation of banner ads is for the expert advertiser. Banner ads can help you motivate potential customers to visit your site from the confines of a site they trust and a site you value for their ability to generate traffic to your site.

Banner advertising is also good for an industry specific website. If there is a site that is in concert with your business goals and directives it might make sense to look into using banner advertising on their site.

While banner advertising is not as laser focused as PPC it can be a significant help if you are willing to do your own research to see what sites may best benefit your business.

There are still banner exchange programs, but they are often meaningless in that they may send some customers to your site, but they aren’t targeted and the individuals may not be especially motivated beyond initial curiosity. Besides you may be required to place banner advertising on your site that doesn’t really fit with your demographic (or potentially objectionable) just to participate in the banner link exchange.

There is also the question of banner ad development. Unless you are especially skilled in graphic design you may need to outsource the banner ad development from a third party.

You may be able to access a low-cost or no-cost banner ad through a site like, but a banner ad will need to be created in either a visually static display or a flash designed banner with very specific dimensions.

So, to recap – the banner advertising of today requires a greater sense of business research to find the best fit for your advertising dollar and banner development is something you will need to develop as you begin to look into what possibilities exist in this refreshed advertising medium.

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Ebusiness Marketing Banner: Getting the Right Advice Builds Your Business

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Article by Max Young

Engaging a banner advertisement scheme may be among the factors you would like toIntegrate into your total promotion campaign. Banner adverts are an approach path that willcost a fair sum of money, but whenever they’re placed in the right places around the web,they can supply an immense return on the investment.A couple of matters to bear in mind once it relates assembling a successfulbanner ad campaign are first:The 1st matters to remember is that a banner advert is intended to achieve oneFundamental purpose. The banner advertisement is to catch the attention of the reviewer long enough toTempt the person to mouse click on the advert to discover more about what you have to offer. Assuch, you have to be really attentive about how you assemble the advertising.A real common error that people have with banner advertisings is to attempt to cram too muchinformation into a really small space. Keep in mind that the advert isn’t supposed to offera lot of good reading material. Nor do you necessarily prefer to make it a place to admit yourcompany name or logo in the ad.What you do want to do is apply a short and sweet catchword that plays as the ideal tease.Hold the number of words as few as you possibly can. Do not believe that you have to capitalize on entire sentences. You’re marketing an idea at this point in time.Applying the correct words to communicate that idea is far more crucial than correct grammar. Wheneveryou discover that two words will make a catchword or catchphrase that carries a lot of great power,then apply it.Although a company name or a logo can be helpful, finds are you’ll do a good deal betterwithout cluttering the banner advertisement with that info. Logos on the advertisings are onlyhelpful once the company name and image are long-familiar to the public, and popular toboot.Though all of us learn that effective business entails getting the company advert out there, theTruth is that the World Wide Web has changed that school of thought moderately.Hold the thought that holding the look of the advert simple and efficient will produce theChance for people to inspect your web site and look about. Your company identify and logowill be on every page of your internet site, so the buyer will for certain get acquainted with yourname very fast.Thinking of the typefaces and colors that you apply with your advertising is also crucial. This canbe fairly tricky, since you need the banner ad to jump out as it pops up on the screen.The ad had better be different enough of the internet pages that signal the banner ad to show, but you also need it to make a point real quick.People are incline to give a banner ad very little time to cause an mental picture. That signifies thecolors and the fonts can play a big function in furnishing those decisive additional seconds toConstitute an interest. Bright colors for the background with a contrasting color for thefonts will frequently create an effective impression, and tempt the visitor to click through to your internet site.Do not be afraid of becoming too bold with the option of colors, but do be mindful of the typeof image you would like to cultivate. For instance, if you distribute natural health products, you may prefer to make good use of greens in your banner ad. They’ll help set the feeling for your site.On the other hand, if you’re providing hi-tech products, electric blues and reds maydemonstrate to be a fun and winning combination.Determining the correct locations for your banner ads is in addition very important. There’s one train ofthought that dictates that you worry to a lesser extent about the type of site and concenter more onthe quantity of traffic that the web site renders. Naturally, this doesn’t entail that you wantyour ad affiliated with content that’s entirely inappropriate for your products andservices. For instance, if you distribute faith-based products, you’d in all likelihood not wish your bannerad to show up on an adult dating web site. All the same, you’d would like to specify a broad array ofInternet sites that would be correct for your ad, check out the ordinary daily and monthly traffic thatis generated by the web site, then arrive at some conclusions about placing your ad.Keep in mind that depending upon however you approach arranging for the creation andarrangement of banner ads, the price may be minimal or it may be substantial. Consider thisinformation against your budget and make up one’s mind just how much of your advertisement fundscan be allocated to the practice of banner ads, without hurting the other factors in yourprogram.If you find out that banner ads actually work well for you, there’s always the opportunity to extendyour use of these ads once there’s a greater income stream to work with.

How To Generate Leads Automatically Using MLM Banner advertising

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Article by Jaz Lai

You can’t have failed to notice that banner advertising is everywhere you look.

You see banners when you log into your web-based email addresses. You see them on all the popular websites. But did you know that banner advertising is one of the most underutilized and highly effective forms of marketing for your network marketing business?

Since the dot com bust, banner advertising is not as popular as it once was because many people aren’t interested in this model anymore. They think it doesn’t work. But they’re wrong!

Because of the bust, banner advertising has become one of the most underutilized methods around, and if you play your cards right you could generate tons of leads into your sales funnel easily.

One of the steps to creating a very effective banner ad is to make sure that you do not create your banners like an advertisement! People will not entertain blatant advertising unless it provides good information or something of value.

Your banner ads do not need to be flashy – so you don’t need to be an expert in graphics design or pay expensive Flash designers to create an ad. All you need is a good straight benefit text-based banner. Check out Google’s banner ads which are always crisp, simple and straight to the point.

But you do need to tap into the psychological factors that make people respond to make sure people will click on your ad.

So how does one achieve great results from banner advertising?

Split test your banner design to see which generates a better click rate. There is software available that will rotate your banner ads for you. Do a search in Google and you will find a lot of scripts you can use.

When you do your split test, the software will send half of your traffic to one page with ad 1 and the other half to another page with ad 2. From there you will be able to decide which is the better performing ad and you can then discard the losing banner.

You must also track your squeeze page for traffic and see if those leads turn into subscribers. This way, you can optimize both your banner ads and squeeze page for better conversion.

Not all the traffic from banner advertising might become your subscribers – you have to understand the psychological factors behind why they will click on your ad and match their problem with your solution.

So now that you have found your winning banner ad, you should start rolling out your advertising. You could consider advertising them on websites or blogs that are related to your niche. You can even consider buying advertising space if you feel that a site has enough traffic. Look for joint venture partners or blogs that are willing to do an ad swap.

You need to test the traffic over a period of at least one month to see if those sites are performing for you or not. If you don’t make any sales in the site that you advertise, do not give up and keep looking for blogs or sites that you can advertise your banners there.

It is only a matter of time before you hit the right one. Banner ads are under-used and you can make them work for you.

Find the Best Banner advertising Rates

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Article by Andrew Green

If you’re considering an online advertising campaign for your business, you’ll obviously want to find the best banner advertising rates.

It’s important your campaign is having the most effect for your money, so keep in mind that banner advertising is not always about the cheapest cost, but the most effective for your money.

Let’s look at some things you should consider when searching for the best banner advertising rates.

1. Target Audience

When creating your marketing campaign you should consider who will be viewing your banner advertisement. If your business is selling digital cameras, you really don’t need your banner blasted on sites where visitors are searching for garden tools.

The company you choose for your banner advertising needs must be able to demonstrate that they’ll be showing your banner to a relevant audience.

2. Banner Types

Be sure you have control over how your banner looks and what your ad says. Many ad companies may try to take control over your campaign and dictate how your concept should look. They do know what works and what doesn’t but you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to. Stay firm and maintain control over your own advertising campaign. You know how you want visitors to view your company.

3. Design Your Ad

Bright flashing ads no longer make people click. In fact, they tend to annoy many visitors. Make your banner appealing and inviting. Your ad should make people want to know more about what you’re offering.

If your ad looks great but offers no real reason for people to click over to see what you’re offering then there’s almost no point. It’s up to you what you offer your customers, but be sure your ad is enticing.

4. Display

Will your ads be shown as part of a banner rotation or included in an RSS feed? Will they be shown with audio included for effect or just a simple animated GIF banner?

The total banner display should be professional and enticing to a potential customer.

5. Tracking Systems

To get the most out of your banner advertising campaign you’ll want a company that offers a way to check your statistics. Your click through rate and your sales conversion rates are important tracking items.

While your banner ad campaign is running, you’ll also want access to analytical data about your visitors. For example, your banner might be displayed on 10 different websites. You will need to know which sites are effective and why they’re working when others aren’t.

6. Placement

Will you be able to choose the placement of your banner on the sites you’ll be advertising on? Placement of a banner can make a huge difference as to how a visitor will see it and respond.

Obviously putting your banner on the bottom of a web page won’t be seen as prominently as a banner near the top or among the text.

7. Pricing

Even though you’re searching for the best banner advertising rates, the pricing is not as important as the effect of the whole campaign management. After all, if you opt for the cheapest possible option but don’t attract any visitors at all, you’re throwing money down the drain.

The best banner advertising rates come from the company offering the most value for your money.

Success with banner advertisement

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Article by Steve Saha

Advertisers have been using banners to promote their products through online advertising. You can see banners that have strong sales messages and may guide you to click on them. But there are banners which don’t generate any click-through rate (CTR). Which parameters decide success in banner advertising? Let’s find out.

Size and type: Banners come in different sizes and types. They can be used in the positions like header, footer, side bar and can be placed in middle of page content. Based on their position these banners are named as Full banner, Half banner, Vertical banner, Skyscraper banner, Square banner etc. Depending on the graphics and content of your banner, the custom size of the banner should be chosen.

Illustration: Photos and illustrations make your business banner eye-catchy. Even static banners can draw attention if you use nice eye-popping graphics. Your graphics should carry the theme of your site you are promoting. If you use animation in your banner you can use multiple graphics and accommodate more text.

Text Content: Use of persuasive keywords like ‘free’, ‘game’, ‘prizes’, ‘click here’ etc. make more banner hits. There must be some strong call to action in the banner ads. Phrases like ‘Hurry!’, ‘Click Now!’, ‘Offer is valid for limited period’, ‘Sign Up Today’ drive the users for a strong call-to-action. The headline in your banner should have a punch. It can be a simple question or be a short catchy sentence. When the user thinks that something great is hidden behind that ad, he clicks on the banner.

Color: Color plays an effective part in the success of the banner. Bright color effects easily catch the attention of the eyes. The foreground color of font and illustration should contrast well with the background color. Color should bring freshness, creativity in your ad. The color of the banner will also depend on the niche for which it is created.

Font: No matter what fonts you use for your banner ads, they should be clearly readable by the visitors. Examples of some good fonts are Arial, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Verdana and some informal fonts are Comic Sans MS, Hanzel, Enview, etc. Your font size should be large for main heading. Sub-heading should contain a smaller but distinctly visible font. Use bold, italics or underline text formatting depending on importance of text in the ads.

Product and logos: If your product is really innovative and attractive you can place a small picture of it on the banner. Also use of logos can make visitors to identify your brand.

Repeated exposure: When the same banner ad is shown for a repeated time, the visitor’s memory is recalled about the brand. May be in the first exposure one does not click on the brand. But when it is shown repeatedly, the visitor may click on the banner ad. If banner display period is more it will generate more click-through rates.

If you can follow these above parameters properly, your banner ad will quickly grab limelight of success bringing more click-through rate for your business.

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