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Article by Steve Saha

Advertisers have been using banners to promote their products through online advertising. You can see banners that have strong sales messages and may guide you to click on them. But there are banners which don’t generate any click-through rate (CTR). Which parameters decide success in banner advertising? Let’s find out.

Size and type: Banners come in different sizes and types. They can be used in the positions like header, footer, side bar and can be placed in middle of page content. Based on their position these banners are named as Full banner, Half banner, Vertical banner, Skyscraper banner, Square banner etc. Depending on the graphics and content of your banner, the custom size of the banner should be chosen.

Illustration: Photos and illustrations make your business banner eye-catchy. Even static banners can draw attention if you use nice eye-popping graphics. Your graphics should carry the theme of your site you are promoting. If you use animation in your banner you can use multiple graphics and accommodate more text.

Text Content: Use of persuasive keywords like ‘free’, ‘game’, ‘prizes’, ‘click here’ etc. make more banner hits. There must be some strong call to action in the banner ads. Phrases like ‘Hurry!’, ‘Click Now!’, ‘Offer is valid for limited period’, ‘Sign Up Today’ drive the users for a strong call-to-action. The headline in your banner should have a punch. It can be a simple question or be a short catchy sentence. When the user thinks that something great is hidden behind that ad, he clicks on the banner.

Color: Color plays an effective part in the success of the banner. Bright color effects easily catch the attention of the eyes. The foreground color of font and illustration should contrast well with the background color. Color should bring freshness, creativity in your ad. The color of the banner will also depend on the niche for which it is created.

Font: No matter what fonts you use for your banner ads, they should be clearly readable by the visitors. Examples of some good fonts are Arial, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Verdana and some informal fonts are Comic Sans MS, Hanzel, Enview, etc. Your font size should be large for main heading. Sub-heading should contain a smaller but distinctly visible font. Use bold, italics or underline text formatting depending on importance of text in the ads.

Product and logos: If your product is really innovative and attractive you can place a small picture of it on the banner. Also use of logos can make visitors to identify your brand.

Repeated exposure: When the same banner ad is shown for a repeated time, the visitor’s memory is recalled about the brand. May be in the first exposure one does not click on the brand. But when it is shown repeatedly, the visitor may click on the banner ad. If banner display period is more it will generate more click-through rates.

If you can follow these above parameters properly, your banner ad will quickly grab limelight of success bringing more click-through rate for your business.

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Why animated banners are so specific?



Post by Steve Saha

On-line marketing always bring thrill and zeal amongst marketers. And when it comes to banner marketing, advertisers get chance to experiment with the form of banner. If you want to use banner for your online marketing, you have 3 sorts of banners available for you: static banner, animated GIF banner and animated Flash banner.

In static banners, each your text and graphics will stay nonetheless. It is established by investigation that any moving graphics catches our eyes far better. That is why a shift of advertiser’s preference points towards animated banner advertising. Both GIF and SWF banners are utilized for animated banner marketing.

GIF banners can produce easy frame by frame animation even though SWF (Flash) animation is used for creating magical smooth animation. GIF pictures load quickly on net pages, so they are hot options for numerous advertisers for displaying animated banner ads.

Adobe Flash is incredibly creative software program utilized to do 2D animations and make beautiful presentations. Adobe Flash’s capability to make great animation is utilized in producing banners.

Preference for banner designing is towards animated banners simply because animated banners have following rewards:

* Captures the interest of visitor’s eyes.Altering colors, texts and graphics in the animated banners generate influence on visitors to appear at the banner. On the web users really feel a lot more interested to click on animated images in banners.

* Permits customers to add much more text and graphics content.As animated banners display animation frame-by-frame, advertiser can add a lot more text and graphics to general presentation. Facility for adding a lot more content and illustration assists banner advertisements to make a greater presentation or powerful sales pitch. Also, in frame by frame animation, consumer gets much more time to study and recognize parts of message a single by one particular.* Interactivity of the ad.Flash banner ads are interactive in nature. All the compelling text and a sales message try to involve the visitor with the ad. Intelligent types, labels and contact-to-action buttons increase the interactive nature of the GIF and Flash banner ad. Simply because of this interactive nature clients really feel mentally associated with the banner ad and this final results in producing far more click-via prices (CTR) of the banner adverts.

If you have not utilised any animated banner for your enterprise, it is proper time to try out them. If you strategy about the content and use ‘call-to-action’ graphics you can truly assume substantial CTR for your business.

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Banner Advertising Still Clicks For Most Marketers

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Article by Steve Duval

Banner advertising was prematurely declared deceased only a few years ago. If you visit any Web site today, you’ll find a strange trend: Banner advertisements are still a mainstay on most Web sites. They occupy their standard positions at the top of pages, fit comfortably into medium rectangle space to the right of content, and sometimes make an appearance at the bottom of articles. One look at any major content Web site is testimony that banner advertising is still a formidable marketing tool for advertisers across the Internet.

Users often complain that banner advertisements are “annoying.” When they first appeared, the annoyance was at its sharpest. Over time, banners became so much a part of the landscape of the Internet that Web sites often look strange without a few banner ads to liven things up. Today, banner advertisements remain a part of almost every Web site because they still work as a form of advertising. No matter how annoying people find them, someone, at some time, clicks one of them out of curiosity. Here are a few more reasons that banner advertisements are still the pet of all marketers.

High Visibility

It’s cheap to display banners and they’re seen by thousands of people a day. Publishers don’t make as much money as they once did because the cost of banner advertising declined. That’s a good thing for marketers. It’s possible to display thousands of ads across thousands of sites simply by signing up for a cost-effective advertising plan with a major ad network. It works.


Banners have evolved over the years. The flashing lights and “YOU WON!” slogans of yesterday might have disappeared, but they’ve been replaced by new forms of banner ads that keep the format fresh and exciting. Interactive ads let people play games, audio ads let people listen to music by choice, and some ads allow people to vote on political issues. The banner ad can be seen without being annoying.


The number one reason banner ads are still scattered across the internet is that they still work for marketers. They work for the little buy and the big corporation. Google lets the little guys design their own banner and display them across a network of millions of Web sites. With solid keyword research, it’s possible for people of every background and budget to create a successful banner ad campaign.

It’s Easy

Creating banners is one of the simplest activities on the Internet. Advanced, paid banner maker software can help out for large projects, and free banner maker software helps for the small stuff. With some research on color schemes and what customers like to see, it’s possible to easily create an appealing banner ad for any audience. Banner advertisements aren’t dead. They’re not even sick. As long as there are users on the Internet, there will be some form of banner advertisement that will appeal to an audience of Internet users that still enjoy seeing random information or products flashed across their screen. Eventually, someone clicks.

PVC Banners: Reaching Out To Your Target Group More Effectively

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Write-up by Chris Farnworth

You can publicize your enterprise in distinct methods. Some typical publicity techniques include press advertisements, radio announcements and Tv short films. Press advertisements attain only these who read the publication. Radio announcements and Television shorts are as well transitory, with the Television shorts being fairly expensive.

Banner adverts, positioned at strategic areas, can not only be far more amazing but also really financial and far more tough. Above all, they reach out to a big group of passers by and if you have selected the show place well, this group will include a large percentage of genuine prospects who will be interested in what you offer you.

Busy people who would otherwise never have come to know about your enterprise or provide would see the banner advertisements. It the message conveyed by the banner ad is clear and convincing, you are really likely to attract a new group of consumers to your establishment.

PVC Banners are Cost-effective and Durable

PVC is plastic that is not affected by rains or snow. They are hence far more successful than cloth banners, and also let the creation of far more desirable ad copy. You can decide on just the right color background simply because PVC comes in all colours. Following, you can transfer your ad copy to the PVC sheet digitally utilizing a laptop or computer, a lot much more effortlessly and to better effect compared to hand painting a cloth banner.

Just like cloth banners, PVC also enables large format adverts that are visible from a distance and can accommodate an eye-catching graphic, interest arousing headline, need developing list of major advantages and simply visible contact quantity or site address.

And all these rewards come at an financial expense. PVC banners are comparatively inexpensive.

Prospective Makes use of for PVC Banners

Under are some typical areas where you can use PVC banner to fantastic effect:

one.Banner Signs: Banner signage is easier to prepare and set up compared to rigid signage. They can also be updated fairly effortlessly by preparing a new, affordable, banner to substitute the old one. But they convey the message as obviously as a rigid signage.

2.Outside Banners: As we saw earlier, PVC banners are used as outdoor banners with many advantages over classic cloth banners. Outside banners go out and attain a group of men and women whom you might never reach otherwise.

three.Trade Display Banners: The lightweight, effortlessly transported, PVC banners can announce your presence, and the facts of what you supply, at the trade exhibits. Placed strategically, they can draw in guests to your stall at the trade display.

four.Convention Banners, Conference Banners: PVC banners, with their flexibility in terms of dimension and display, can be utilised in different approaches ate conventions, conferences and similar occasions. They can serve as backgrounds at the dais, emphasizing the theme of the occasion used to guide the participants to the precise place of the event and also utilized to give particulars about the event this kind of as schedule of programs and speakers.

five.Event Banners, Birthday Banners, and Anniversary Banners: PVC banners created to reflect the enjoyable character of birthdays and anniversaries can increase the ambience of the occasion quite dramatically.

six.Streetscape or Boulevard Banners: Vinyl banners are ideal for adding atmosphere and identity to streetscapes.PVC banners are as a result a flexible, handy, financial and highly customizable solution to convey some message to a group of individuals.

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