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Simple to Apply Banner Advertising Suggestions

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Article by Daniel Arron

New marketing strategies may come and go but banner advertising has stood the test of time online. Other businesses are using the power of banner ads, aren’t you ready to take your share? See what a difference following these three tips can make for your banner ad efforts.

The text that you enter on your banner ads is always short and straight to the punch, which is a good reason for using powerful words like free, powerful, amazing, easiest, etc so that you readers are pulled in towards them. It is true that when an ad has words that create motion, they will make customers take action. The only thing that is major about your banner ad is the amount of times that people come and click through it. So when someone sees your ad and has something to say with powerful words weaved in and out of the graphics, they will want to continue and click through.

An important suggestion that you need to abide by is to ensure that your banner ads are not too heavy. You don’t want your customers to be hit in the face with your slow moving banner ads, which is the last thing you should want. Your ads have to be lightweight and carry graphics that can load easily at any Internet speed. If you want to put animation in your ads, be certain that they do not take a long time to load and start.

Even this might seem obvious, a lot of banner advertisers try to make their ads more enticing to get customers. If you must, scale down the use of graphics, which will immediately cut down on the size. When you understand your banner ads, there is nothing to stop you. However, until this occurs, you should test a few banner sizes so that you will know exactly what to expect.

Keep your graphics simple but make them effective. Don’t make them too gaudy or flashy because nowadays, the banner ads that really work are the ones that don’t interrupt the viewer but are soothing. You want your audience to be attracted to your ad not repelled by it. Once upon a time, flashy was the way to go, but times have changed for banner advertising – for the better. You will not get the same results from these types of ads today. It’s important that you sit down and talk to your banner ad designer and specifically instruct them to create an ad that is sophisticated and at the same time simple.

All in all, banner advertising is a advertising format that is sticking around. But with time, the competition is getting larger, which is why you must ensure that you are utilizing these suggestions to enhance your campaign for the better.

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