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Promoting and advertising means of banner adverts

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Article by Jeff Bryce

Even with increasing sophistication by advertisers preferring to release rich newspaper and tv adverts like audio and video, good old banner ads have rejected to consider the count. And it’s also not about to go under anytime soon. The increasing neglect notwithstanding, banner adverts remain the most efficient ways to reach across to your projected audience, and obtrusively so.

Banner adverts could be used to boost anything from your website, a product, a service, your site, or a perception; just about anything you wish to provide public notice. It is cheap; it is possible to deploy, it is easy to observe for usefulness.

Looking for banner ads

An extensive understanding of banner ad campaigns is important for practical use. A banner ad is essentially a hypertext connect to the originating internet site, and that is viewable as a JPEG or GIF rectangular box on the publisher’s site. These rectangular banners are either displayed vertically or horizontally and vary in size, based on the Ad Unit Guidelines issued by the Internet Advertising Bureau, from the small to the large format. An advertiser needs to know what the following terms mean and how they apply: Conversion Rate, Cookies, Run of Site (ROS), Hits, Banner views or impressions, Click Throughs, CPM, and Click Through Rate (CTR) since they are measures of the cost and good results of the advertisement.

Cost of banner advertising

A person’s ad budget and dynamics of product publicized will figure out the size of advert you choose to use. Cost, which is measured in CPM or cost per thousand, will generally be determined by the publisher/your ad agency and the type of payment plan agreed. You can Pay Per Click (PPC), i.e. for every click of the mouse by a visitor on the banner the publisher site gets paid, or pay per impression seen, i.e. the publisher is paid by mere citing of the banner by a visitor to the site. Your target should be to lower your cost per sale, which is your Cost Per Visitor to your site via the banner divided by the Conversion Rate of such visits into business. A superior cost per sale is not sustainable. For instance, you could be paying as high as or even more for every deal.

The best way to lower cost banner ads

This will begin from your product or service. You have to have a very good product then make a very persuasive advertisement. This combination may help alter your conversion rate drastically. Your advert brings visitors in and your product keeps them in. Target high traffic sites for high click rate. You can also reduce your CPM by negotiating a lower rate with your advert agency. Pay per impression sites like ContentZone, DoubleClick, Flycast should be avoided; you want to be sure you are paying for people who had visited (PPC) Websites like ValueClick, BannerSpace, and eAds operate PPC. An affiliate program is another great way to reduce cost, since you pay out only when you get a lead and it’s a fixed rate. You might pay almost nothing if you’re able to get other websites to enter an swap with you.

Ways to get the best from banner ad campaigns

To get the best mileage from your banner advert you should keep the message simple, be specific about the product being advertised and be sure the advert links directly to it. Explain in the ad what you want the visitor to do and what he/she stands to benefit by doing so. Size matters; a large file size slows down page loading, which may likely piss off visitors. Animated adverts will grab attention faster than a static one. Primarily, a top-of-the-page banner advert is alot more visible than one at the entry level.

Marketing using ads has come a long way and still has some way to go. As you prepare to unveil the next banner, a bit of care taken to obtain the best result wouldn’t be out of place.

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