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How Search Engines Influence SEO

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pbr /Lately, the big news dominating SEO a title=link building href=http://secretlinkbuilding.comlink building/a and internet marketing is the modifications to their algorithm that Google have applied this year. Looking to reduce the volume of low quality articles and pages in natural search engine /br /How does Google determine ‘Quality’ Content?br /br /Google’s current modifications target sites which show ‘low quality content’ in a number of ways. The criteria for determining low quality are diverse but noteworthy inclusions are:br /br /¢ Shallow content (where there is not enough content to be helpful).br /¢ Terribly written /¢ Duplicate content or content simply copied off other /¢ Content that is not helpful or relevant to /br /The greatest affect this can have on many business sites is potentially in how article sites are utilized for a title=link development href= development/a and /br /Article Marketing and Link Building – What methods are still viable?br /br /¢ Links in press releases do not count for Google Page /¢ However, if a person reads your press release and then links to your site, that does /¢ Article websites are not inherently negative, utilizing good article sites for link building can function – but only when you treat these sites as places people go to read through articles, and not as places Google would go to look for /¢ This means that well crafted, relevant and beneficial content articles are still a powerful link building /¢ However, merely copying identical content material thirty times into different sites is not a good /¢ Sites with a variance in the lengths of articles are already identified by Google as sites that are more prone to contain content that’s actually helpful to the /¢ Again, the issue is that content written with search engines in mind is likely to miss out, while content that is certainly geared towards users may /br /The general outcome? That a title=link building service href= building service/a best practices haven’t changed much, however it is now much more important that these types of best practices are followed. And, as always, users come before search engines. After all, what are search engines for but simply a means to attract more users?br /br //p

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