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Mlm Attraction Marketing and advertising – 6 Measures To Employing Banner Ads To Get The Greatest Leads

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Article by Terry Duff

Banner advertising can be a staple of an MLM attraction marketing campaign, if you know how to do it the right way. In its best form and done the right way, banner advertising can generate a lot of very targeted leads leads to your website. Not managed properly, your banner advertisements can end up being nothing more than a drain on your bank account.

So here are six steps to generate targeted leads using banner ads as part of a profitable MLM attraction marketing campaign. Follow these steps and banner ads can be an asset of your MLM attraction marketing campaign (and not just a drain on your bank account):

STEP 1: Go to the web and scour for keywords that relate to your business. There are many sites where you can search for keyword phrases. Make a (decently big sized) list of some possibilities. Remember that MLM attraction marketing is all about attracting leads who are looking for what you are offering. This is the first step to doing that.

STEP 2: Do a simple Google search for each of those keyword phrases. This will help you to start to narrow down your list.

STEP 3: Identify ten websites that relate to your business (your niche) and sells ad space on their site. MLM attraction marketing is all about finding out where leads who want what you offer can be found.

STEP 4: Take those domains and check them on (or to see if they get traffic (and how much traffic they get). A general rule of thumb is not to choose any sites that get fewer than 10,000 visitors a month. Otherwise your advertisement on those sites is basically a donation.

STEP 5: Always track your results so you know which visitors to your site came from each banner ad (and from which website), and so that you know how much you are spending per visitor per lead. You may be finding targeted leads, but MLM attraction marketing doesn’t mean finding them at five times the cost you want to spend to find them.

STEP 6: Compile the results you get from Step 5 and, based solely on the numbers and not on your own gut feelings, then decide monthly (and based on those numbers) for each site if that site is a good investment or whether those marketing dollars would be better used elsewhere.

As a side note, you want to always take leads who click on your banner ad to a data capture page (aka a squeeze page), as opposed to a corporate website, a salespage or a blog. MLM attraction marketing is about getting LEADS not sales (at this point in the process). You want to build your list here.

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