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Top CPV Networks
PPV, or pay per view, simply means that you only pay when a latent customer actually views your ad. This is also cognized as CPV or cost per view. When we mention to ppv we are mouthing solely about the companies which use adware to display ppv ads. This downloadable software will then display ads in the form of popups or popunders whenever an user is online cropping

Considering that we are only referring to PPV Networks which are utilizing adware, these will be the only companies that we rank. We will list some of the other PPV traffic sources but will not go into an in depth review

We will list our top PPV Networks in order of profitibility from our experience. We weigh things much as amount of ppv traffic accessible, amount of competition which correlates directly with the existent cost per view, quality of traffic, conversion ratio, and gross ROI.

The Top PPV Networks

Traffic Vance No surprise here. However, we are happening it more and more ambitious to return a bankable ROI with TrafficVance. They are by far the most democratic of the PPV traffic sources and it definately shows in the bid prices

Pros: Excellent traffic volume & excellent user base. This has a lot to do with the fact that Traffic Vance owns their user base and is not out purchasing traffic from other networks which can sometimes be reckoned as junk traffic. Best user interface in our opinion

It’s tough on some that may not have the money to invest but it also keeps the rifraf out and the newbies that have no idea what they are doing other than driving up bid prices. High competition thus higher bid pricing

You may retrieve that we made a post regarding Traffic Vance now appending International traffic. This is in our opinion will set Traffic Vance leaps and bounds ahead of everyone


Pros: The second most traffic behind Traffic Vance. Bid prices are relatively affordable likened to TrafficVance. Traffic converts relatively well, could be better but the amount of ppv traffic and the bid prices makes up for the bush-league conversion rate. Our second highest ROI

Cons: It is rugged to get your ads reexamined at times.

AdOn Network Keep in mind that with AdOn Network your ads are being shown in a popunder window rather than a popup

Pros: PPV traffic is very cheap compared to Traffic Vance. PPV targets get down at just $ .005

Cons: Low traffic compared to some of the other networks. You can check up on for junk traffic by running a report and appearing for Partner ID 111211. You necessitate to message your Rep. for approval every time you create fresh campaigns or else they will be unfinished for days

Media Traffic

Pros: New PPV campaigns are quickly reexamined for approval. Traffic converts better than AdOn Network & Lead Impact

Bid prices can also get quite eminent especially in relation to the amount of traffic that MediaTraffic has

5. Linksador

Not alot of competition at the moment. Quick ppv campaign approvals

Cons: Very humble amount of ppv traffic. User Interface is not the friendliest

6. Direct CPV

Pros: Well, they are #6 for a reason… we currently don’t have too many pros for DirectCPV. They do have a modest amount of ppv traffic but we just haven’t happened much to change over yet. Their user interface is much better now that they have re-done it so we will be expending a lot more time testing them. I just couldn’t stand up the older infelicitous interface and rejected to expend very much time with it

Cons: Conversions seem to be lower than the others. New ppv campaigns can be unfinished for days if you don’t message your Rep. Our referrer stats are showing that they have been sending out junk traffic from time to time

7. Adoori is a fresh network in which we are just beginning our tests. We will report back with our findings once we have some history behind us

You will notice that we did not rank Clicksor, AdBrite, MegaClick, or CPVMarketplace. This is fashioned as we do not view them as truthful PPV Networks or PPV Traffic Sources. being instaled on the users computer. Targeting for these 4 companies is far bush-league to the PPV Networks in which we have graded above

I wrote this up rather quickly and will be adding to it in the near future. Most importantly though, the rankings are established on our experience and our ROI, so it is an acceptable baseline for most to base their ppv commercializing decisions

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Pay per view Affiliate marketers

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