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Wholesale Website Traffic. A Giant Scam?


So you are at the ready to purchase some targeted website traffic? Think again, many who consider purchasing traffic are often misdirected and rended off. Wholesale website traffic sellers are usually just trading Bot traffic. This kind of traffic produces nothing except artificial stat inflation. If this is your goal then acceptable for you, otherwise scan on

Many Targeted website traffic sellers will promise you 1 million visitors for the humble, humble price of .00. Well opine what, you get what you pay for. You are not traveling to have targeted website visitors, you will simply have a machine coming to your page and checking up on it out. How do we combat this? There are many ways, but we will stick to the most crucial one

When you buy web traffic you must ask the following questions: Is It Unique? Ask if the traffic is 24 or 48 hour unique. This means that each and every REAL visitor sent out to your site has not been there within the last 24 or 48 hours

Many companies will send the same people to your site 50 times in order to meet their quota. Secondly you should inquire what the traffic source is. Is it Bot traffic? Is it Domain airt traffic? Is it Popup or Popunder traffic? Lastly, make bound to ask them if there traffic comes from eminent quality domains or junk domains

Let us look at popup and popunder traffic. These varieties of traffic are an annoyance to everyone who sees them. No one, and I intend no one wants to see popups or popunders. They tie in this with dishonest practices and will often automatically consider your site spam or amerciable. When you purchase website traffic make bound that the traffic is domain airt traffic

Domain redirect traffic is truly the best of breed when it comes to buying bulk traffic. This traffic comes from websites that have ran out and still have people coming to them! Think about it this way, permits state you had a semi boffo website for 3 years, got a pretty ample postdating and then just permit it go. The domain expires and you bury about it. People like us then purchase these domains, categorise them and use them to REDIRECT traffic to our clients websites. Traffic resellers buy domains from many categories. This is executed to better meet their clients needs

Lets say for a second that you have a website on dogs. You go into a domain airt traffic resellers site and inquire for 100,000 visitors to your site. Some sites will let you to pluck your category, some will not. In other words, with the first site, you get GENERAL traffic. This traffic is not targeted and 99% of the visitors can care less about dogs!

Site two allows you to pick a more targeted variety of traffic. This traffic will be far more applicable and will increase your chance for sales, clicks, conversions or what have you. Site two may have a category named ìPetsî, well it is a no brainer to select this category in that 1 in 3 people seeking for pets are mentioning to a dog! The price for site two may be far more than site one but the traffic is far A-one. Read on to see our recommendations for domain airt traffic

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