Re: YouTube bullies

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The Mario Jammie Dance on YouTube

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Today’s 365 shot is a still from a video me and Steve made this morning. We dance! It’s fun!

Re: YouTube bullies
1) What happens when this “gang” decides to “pick on” or “sexually assault” a female student? And they decided to put that on YouTube? Well, her life will be irrevocably ruined, in many different ways …

Best of 2010: YouTube
The phenomenon known as YouTube has made sporting superstars of nonentities, and fools of superstars

Contextual Advertising

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Contextual advertizing is a form of advertizing which focuses on an extraordinary keyword or text on a web page or any media for exposing ads. This works by happening out what the user wants from the web page. There are two types of context advertisements. They are Static context advertisement and can-do context advertisement. The former type was being utilized before but the latter form is being utilized extensively now a days. In dynamic context advertising, the advertisements change with the contents of the page. This would increase the probability of clicks on the ads. For instance, if the user is reckoning information of food, the ads coming out on the context advertising section would display links tied in to food companies and types, classification. The idea of contextual advertising came from the fact that when the advertisements are not related to the user’s interest, the clicks on the ads would be less and therefore bringing forth lower revenue. Search Engines use contextual ads section to display the ads applicable to the users search. The keywords are observed by exploiting the data on the content page. Search engines use the keywords rendered by the user for the search. This would optimize the search criteria and speed up the process


E-commerce is the study of how to generate income through the internet. Most of the US web sites are targeted on the website traffic for the revenue. Google has come up with an incredible program to gain from the advertisements. There are two ways to generate revenue through ads. Either display the ads on the web page or render ads to be exposed by other web sites to the Google. Through Google AdSense program, the advertisers gain a big amount of revenue through contextual display of ads. There are several success stories showing the performance of their web sites through contextual advertizing. Using Google Analytic tools one can analyse the performance and check up on upon these ads. Since most of the products are accessible online users be given to have the comfort of sitting down at home and appending the products to their cart. Bringing what they desire is the job of the contextual advertising

Companies write ads in a way to attract the users, not just to view the brand display but to click on the ads to follow their venture. Attractive explicit banner displays and techniques in positioning of the advertisement section play a better role in finding out the web site traffic


Marketing of products online needs advertising the products effectively and to do the same adware program is used. Contextual Adware is software which automatically generates display of ads established on the information taken from the computers cropping history which is downloaded by the user. Desktop advertising is a widely used concept by the marketers to heighten the user’s browsing experience. With an agreement between the advertising company and the user, software or an application is being instaled on the user’s computer. Whenever user browses the internet or looks of r any kind of product on the internet, the tied in ads are exposed in the form of popups and popunders. The application utilizes the keywords form the browser history of the user and optimizes the search. Desktop advertising is highly targeted it is more blase. Desktop advertising network comprises of many advertisers and web site owners. The advertisers take the contract and design or compose the ads for the web site owners. When the user installs the application, he would have access to all the websites these advertisements are tied in to and it depends on the keywords the user use for seeking what he desires. Low grading websites make it ambitious for them to coming out on the front pages of the search results. With the assist of desktop advertising software, the website traffic can increase and which in turn better the ranking of the website. Hence, this method is highly targeted for bringing forth big web site traffic

Latest YouTube News

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Chris Liu: I am the YouTube airline pilot
COLFAX WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The airline pilot who lost his federally-issued gun and badge for posting video on YouTube critical of airport security has chosen to go public with his identity.

Video: Rick Ross a fan of Michigan State’s Mark Dell
The video appeared on YouTube in mid-December and caused lots of people to scratch their heads.

Buy Real Web Traffic Visitors Hits Pop-Under Advertising

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Are You Getting Fake Web Traffic?

There are many scams out there to look for. For instance, if the traffic seems to be very cheap in price, then one of the following could be true:

The traffic could be brought forth by a script or program

The traffic could be coming from an auto-surf exchange

The traffic could be generated by spyware/adware programs

The traffic could be auto-refreshed to revolve campaigns

Generally you can tell if traffic is real or not by trace routing the IP addresses of the visitors. Fake traffic tends to have very high percentages of anonymous proxy addresses or dead-end/not-in-use IP addresses. If the traffic is being brought forth through an auto-surf exchange or if the traffic is being auto-refreshed, you will be competent to tell by the length of the visits. If you see that the majority of the visitors are all staying for exactly the same duration of time, then odds are is that auto-surfing or auto-refreshing is to fault

Something else to be weary about is low cost expired domain traffic. In this day and age, it is a very difficult task to get your hands on a domain that still receives a ton of traffic. This is callable to the fact that better search engines, much as Google, pluck these expired domains out of their search results as soon as they can. Why ? Because expired domains ache the quality of their search results. However, it is accomplishable to happen expired domains that still get traffic from means other than search engines, but this breaks down to a pretty heavy CPM (cost per thousand) price

For example, permit state that you pull off to happen 10,000 ran out domains that each still get 100 visitors a month

10,000 * 100 = 1,000,000 a month

1,000,000 * 12 months = 12,000,000 a year (12,000 CPMs)

Assuming that you’re paying a rate of per domain for yearly registration, you’re spending:

* 10,000 = ,000 per year

That works out to:

,000 / 12,000 CPMs = .83 per CPM

That’s right, in our example the base CPM price figures out to .83! And that’s before any mark-up is appended

So if a web traffic supplier sells traffic hits at a rate of /CPM and tell you they are redirect traffic or expired domain traffic, you now know that they are not real expired domain hits

Popunder web traffic advertising is now mostly use by genuine web traffic providers

A pop-under is like a pop-up except that it loads underneath the current web page rather than over it

This form of advertising is much more superior because it is less intrusive. Unlike pop-up windows that load over your web page, pop-under windows quietly load under your web page. Your visitors probably acquiredt even see the pop-under window until they’re finished up at your site and close the window

The effectiveness of pop-under windows most likely stems from the timing. When your visitor first enters your site, their mind is on what lead them to your site to get down with. Pop-up windows will most likely cause a higher percentage of your visitors to instantly close your window before reckoning its content. That’s what makes pop-under windows more efficacious your visitor is through travelling to your site and their mind is clearer. They will be much more likely to take the time to appear at your proffer when they don’t have another objective on their mind

Generating web traffic from popunder advertising is also very much cheaper then generating traffic from expired domain traffic and is the number one choice of most web traffic providers


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So if you want to take a behind the curtain pre-release look at the free traffic secret that is about to shake the internet to its core then I strongly recommend you read everything on the next page before it’s too late!

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Latest Twitter News

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New Jersey Mayor Uses Twitter to Help Residents Through Blizzard
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker is at it again — he’s been on Twitter since the get down of this year’s “Snowpocalypse,” permitting citizens cognize about the city’s cleanup efforts and personally delving out…

Rio Ferdinand can’t get enough of Twitter
London, Dec 29 : England football captain Rio Ferdinand just cannot get enough of cultural networking site Twitter, which he uses to prosecute in topics from actual affairs to universal chat.

Indonesians vent on Twitter after loss to Malaysia
Furious Indonesians have flooded Twitter with accusations that Malaysia unfairly won a key regional football match after fans in Kuala Lumpur apparently distracted Indonesian players with laser beams.

Banner Ad Blueprint Review – Is Banner Ad Blueprint Scam?

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Is Banner Ad Blueprint a scam? Most Internet users and even marketers detest the idea of utilizing banner advertisements in their commercializing efforts because they do not think that it is an efficacious way to get more profits and increase their web traffic. However, this system is not just about instructing the use of banner and advertisements only. Instead, it is an accomplished online business plan that uses banners as its main traffic generator.

1. What Exactly is Banner Ad Blueprint All About?

The author introduces many more blase strategies for bringing forth traffic from banners and ads. The fact is that banner advertisements is still one of the most efficacious ways to market an online business as can be seen from the abundance of advertisements of democratic websites much as Facebook.

2. What Can You Expect to Learn from the Banner Ad Blueprint Guide?

This system will show you how to create banner images and ads that can be utilized to boost the visibility of your sites on the Internet. Users of this method have happened that they were competent to increase the percentage of click-throughs to their sites by at least 70% after they got down enforcing the steps in this blue-collar. I have also found that I am able to use more affiliate networks and programs to make money from established on the urged sites leaned in the resources area.

3. Will You Be Able to Benefit from the Banner Ad Blueprint System?

Most beginners are inquiring whether they will have enough experience in web commercializing to be competent to understand the strategies, while the more experienced marketers are not bound if it is a fit traffic generation strategy to use. This system is easygoing to matched and can be utilized on any other advertizing campaign with antithetic niches.

Beginners will larn exactly how to get down making an online income fast with this banners advertizing strategy that has proven to be competent to get the best conversation and highest click through rates. Users will also learn to significantly better the effectiveness of their commercializing campaigns through the conduct of appropriate keyword research

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Hyundai 2012 Veloster: 2011 Detroit Auto Show

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Hyundai 2012 Veloster: 2011 Detroit Auto Show
Hyundai has badgered its 2012 Veloster coupe on YouTube. The car debuts at the Detroit auto show on January 10. | December 27, 2010 | Hyundai Motor America

We have watched over 700 billion YouTube videos in 2010
While the statistics for YouTube always be given to focus on how much users are uploading, it’s discriminating to see Google partaking reckoning figures too. Or at least one ample viewing figure. In 2010 the YouTube masses pulled off to devour in excess on 700 billion videos. My rocky calculations propose that YouTube is therefore serving around 22,197 [...]

Video DNA will happening infringing video no matter what pirates do to concealed it
There are a lot of companies out there whose business it is to scan the likes of YouTube and Bittorrent for infringing content, and the software of these companies don’t simply analyze keywords: they also identify the copyrighted video material of their clients by looking for the unique digital signature of the original. Pirates, though, are [...]

YouTube advent calendar: 24 December
Happy Christmas. From the Santa world championships , the best joyous featuring clips and all of us here at © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

Increase Twitter Followers by Using It for Advertising

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twitter followers

Twitter is maturing by leaps and bounds. Do you cognize how to increase twitter followers by utilizing Twitter as advertizing? There are several ways to do this including utilizing RSS feeds, PPC and other advertizing methods. While this may appear a bit arduous to do, once you get the hang up of using it as advertising, then you will see a spectacular rise in the number of people that you will be competent to append to your Twitter list. Advertising or using Twitter as advertising is an acceptable way to get more followers

Let’s mouth about how to increase twitter followers by utilizing advertizing on Twitter. Let’s talk about your tweets first, as they are considered advertising. You necessitate to plan your tweets accordingly and not tweet about the same subject over and over again. The best time to tweet is before bedtime. Your tweets need to be little, to the point and very dead. When using Twitter, the more predictability that you have, the less followers that you will have. Remember, if your tweet sounds like garbage, then don’t tweet about it. Don’t tweet junk on your Twitter site, just what is utilitarian. Using news aggregator sites will give you a better advantage

Using RSS feeds is another way to increase twitter followers. These feeds can assist you state the world about your business or website. Another way to use RSS feeds with your blog or site in conjunction so that you can give them news and information that may impact them. These are ways to use RSS Feed to your advantage. You also have many RSS Feed readers that you can select from. This is the way to increase twitter followers. By utilizing a variety of RSS Feed readers, you have given latent followers many ways to happen you and your information

Using pay per click can also be helpful when looking to increase twitter followers. What a pay per click does, is that it pays you for every link your follower clicks that is advertized. There are several services much as Magpie that work very well with Twitter. With this software, you also have the option of pay per view, pay per lead and pay per sale. Per view is a base amount for a tweet, per lead is when your follower enquires or joins and per sale means per sale made

So as you can see, using Twitter as advertising can definitely help to increase twitter followers. By utilizing any or all of these ideas in tandem, you have an extremely acceptable chance of not only getting more business but also building more postdating by the use of the advertizing ideas that have been put forward above. It is easygoing to see why people would get down following you more by the use of advertising methods as admitted above. Just retrieve that you necessitate to advertize you and your careful space. This can also intend niche advertising, if you are a self assist person or have a specialization for yourself or your business

Bill proposes deferred adjudication in DWI cases

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Social Media Workshop at Board Retreat: Demoing Flickr and Twitter

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Photo taken with phone to demonstrate flickr and posting by cell phone. then stationed URL to twitter to demo how quickly information spreads.

Bill proposes deferred adjudication in DWI cases
share: digg facebook twitter AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A new legislative proposal would allow first-time drunken drivers in Texas to be acquitted if they complete supervision and treatment, a move supporters say would reduce court backlogs and shift the judicial system’s focus to punishing repeat DWI offenders. The bill, which has supporters including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, prosecutors and …

John Lennon would love Twitter, says Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono says that if John Lennon was around today, he would love the way the world has changed

Get More YouTube Views – Promote Your Books Or Music Effectively

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If You desire to get more views on YouTube to advance your books, music or anything. You’ve come to the proper place. I’ve been analysing YouTube for almost a year larning how to boost my views. I’m not mouthing about paying for views, I’m mouthing about loose YouTube views while you sleep. Right now I’m executing about 100 a week on some videos while others may get about 200 a month. I hope this helps you pretermit the headaches on YouTube views

After studying YouTube, I’ve found out it’s more than quality footage that gets you views. It’s tangible uncomplicated, first you necessitate to happen things that tie in to your books or music. For instance, what type of music does your audience like. Let’s state they also like hip hop

Step 1: Make a great book or music trailer to promote your product using any standard video editing program

Step 2: Upload to YouTube & add tags of some of the hip hop artist your audience likes

Step 3: Title your video as if someone who just watched a video of the artist would be interested in. Example Title- A Novel THE ARTIST Reads Before Riding a Bike. Step three is one of the most crucial steps because your views will be found out by how many views your tags are getting

Once you do this be prepared to get a large amount of views a week. The next crucial step is to react to other videos that tie in to yours with your product videos. That will make your video appear democratic. Your audience may necessitate to see your video a couple of times before they watch. This will take time, but it will be well worthy it. Be aware not to mislead your audience with lies and deceit, it will make you misplace credibility with them. You should set the word book or music in your title if that’s what you

Now Pay Close Attention

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