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Buying advertising space on popular high ranking websites has been common practice over a number of years now. Every time we surf the internet and go to a website, we are faced up with banner ads in all shapes, sizes and styles. We just take it for awarded that a company is utilizing these banners to advertize their products. Not many people give it a thought, that someone else may be inserting those banners for the company and that they are being paid a commission for executing so

Let us just go behind the scenes and take a closer appear at what is traveling on here with this very efficacious way of commercializing someone elses products

So, we have a Health and Fitness company that want to bring their chosen products to the market. They desire these products to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the shortest time accomplishable. They contact a company that makes them a very eminent quality setting down page, and banners tied in to their products. This company would be a CPA Network. CPA is the abbreviation for “Cost per Action”. They specialise on conveying customers to the landing pages that stand for the products of their customers. To do this, the cpa network swear on Affiliate Marketers that are seeking for these offers to advance them. If the affiliate marketer likes what he sees, and thinks the landing page and the banners are acceptable, they make up one’s mind to promote that careful proffer

The promotion is actually quite easy and if you pick a product that is very popular and may even be recommended by a celebrity, you can make some serious money in a very short time

One easy and effective way of promotion is using the banner ads that the cpa network has made, and they are always very good. Or you can make your personal banners, and setting dpersonal pages for that matter. You would then take your banner and place it on a very eminent grading website, one that gets a few thousand visitors a day and is of course tied in to the product you desire to advance. Your banner should be placed, that every visitor to that website has instant eye contact to it. If he or she are concerned in what your banner has to proffer, they click on it, come in their name and email address, click submit and you get paid. Usually, the more information the visitor has to give about themselves, the more you would get paid. For example, if they are inquired to enter their credit card details, your commission could be as high as and more. For a zip up code or email address the commission could be anything between and

Well, I can conceive of that whoever is scanning this article now is either firing to get got down or, just reckons this is a load of cock and bull! Trust me on this, it really is that easygoing. But why do I cognize this and not many others don’t?

In October 2009 I took part on a ten week course teaching us underground cpa marketing techniques. The course was given by none other than Saj P. and Phil Mansour. If you have never got word of these guys, then you are really fresh to the internet commercializing world and have all the more reason to take on board what I am stating you here. In the course we spread over many antithetic ways to market cpa offers. However, the one method that really stood up out for me, and since then has changed the way I market online, was utilizing banner ads and media buys to advance offers and bring forth a storm of targeted traffic to where ever I desired it to go

These guys have just recently put all the knowledge they have on banner ad marketing with media buys, into one blueprint and made it public. In the banner ad blueprint, everything anyone needs to cognize about making an arbitrary killing with banner ads is set into a 8 module course incorporating videos, manuals and mind mapping reports. So it is really very easygoing for anyone that wants to tap into this impressive uncomplicated way of commercializing, and get down making money online

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