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Banner Ads Basics: How It Works For Online Business



One of the effective strategies which you should include in your marketing portfolio is definitely banner advertisement. It is a fast way to get down driving traffic to your website. So permits take an appear what is exactly is

What is banner advertisement:

A web banner or banner ad is form of advertising that can be very helpful in promoting your product, service or business. This form of online advertizing entails embedding an advertisement in to a web page. It is destined to pull in traffic to a website by tying in to the website of the advertiser. The advertisement is reconstructed from an image, Javascript program or multimedia object. Images are usually in high-aspect ratio shape. These images are usually placed on web pages that have absorbing content much as newspaper, ezines, article sites, cultural networks…

Basic terminology:

Impression: Each time your banner loads on a website, this is considered an impression

Click: Each time someone clicks on your actual banner, this is counted as a click

Conversions: When someone fills out the form on your website, this is considered a conversion (lead)

CPM – Cost per thousands: This is a method of mensurating how much you will pay for a banner ad. CPM means you are born down for every thousands impressions.  A CPM means you pay .00 for every thousands impressions your banner ads receives

CPA – Cost per action: This is a method of measuring how much you will pay for a banner ad, based on actions taking. On an action can be considered a click, or it can be considered a conversion. When you pay on CPA basis this means that you pay if someone click on you banner ad

CTR – Click through rate: This is a ration of impressions to click. For example, if there are 1000 impressions on a website and 20 people click on the banner ad, that would be a CTR of 2%

Cost per conversion: How much it costs you to get one lead. If you expend and you had 10 leads, than your cost per conversion is .5. If you stipulated action as a click and you spend and you have 200 clicks, than your cost per click is .25

Publisher: These are the websites that accept advertising on their sites

Advertiser: The individual or company placing the banner advertisement

Why use banner ads:

If you find a good quality website which has relevant content to your offer you will drive very targeted traffic to your website.  Banner advertizing is time salvaging form of commercializing and usually it is a humble cost commercializing.  Tip: us discriminating banners for higher conversions

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