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Why Banner Ads?



I make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer.  I love affiliate commercializing and for years I’ve been debarring affiliate commercializing through banner ads.  I’m not bound why.  In fact, it makes no sense because I’m larning that ad banners can be every bit as advantageous as pay per click (PPC) advertizing, with a lot less hassle.  That’s proper; I’m actually advancing a return to online banner advertising

If you’re someone just getting down out in Affiliate commercializing, scan some articles about web banners.  The main reason I’m beginning to experiment with banners and banner software  is that I’m really kind of palled of the Adwords, et al–the PPC monsters.  I intend, seeking to talk to someone at Adwords is like seeking to set in a phone name to the Pope.  I’m cheerless, but, I’m just a little tired of voyaging the monolith

Having stated that, I don’t desire to deter newbies from getting their feet soaked in pay per click advertizing.  It has been a fun journey for me.  But, it has also been a big-ticket way to gain a dwelling.  I see ample money coming in, and then I pay half of it back out again in advertising cost.  Not to advert, the daily roller coaster of seeking to figure out why the numbers are so changeable

Anyway, back to bringing forth and utilizing banners and banner ads

Affiliate commercializing is about getting exposure so that people will purchase the products you are standing for.  In addition to PPC, you can compose articles, post on blogs, get exposure on cultural networking sites, etc

As with any kind of business, you necessitate to cognize your target market.  Who are these people you are seeking to reach?  What age group are they?  What is their education level?  Are they male or female?  If you know your audience, you will be competent to better target where you desire to place your banners

Obviously, you will necessitate to happen apropos websites where you desire to place your banners

As an aside here, if you don’t have a product to advance, sign up with Clickbank and happen a democratic product.  You will find Vendor Spotlight pages that will have affiliate resources.  That’s where you will find acceptable banners for your affiliate products.  You can also purchase banner bringing forth software

I like to advance products that aline with some of my personal interests.  That way I can compose articles and make blog posts about the products with some sense of authority about the subject

Once you have a few products to advance, go to where you will be competent to happen websites where you can place your banners.  Alexa tracks all websites on the internet and gives you analytics (statistics) about each one.  You can find out how much monthly traffic the site gets.  It is absolutely extraordinary to be able to quickly analyse latent banner placement sites.  For example, if you desire to promote a product about weight loss, and you find a website that has traffic in the millions every month, you will get enough exposure to pay for the banner and give you an acceptable income flow

When you make it at, you can search by category.  So, back to our example of weight loss, you can go to “health” and then a subcategory “weight loss” and click on that.  A list of websites comes up under your subject.  The sites with the most traffic come out eminenter on the list, so you will cognize proper away what sites have eminent traffic

Click on “site info” to get additive information about the company and the site.   It will give you the gross World Wide Web grading.  Often you will be competent to happen an advertizing contact person

You can also click on the website address and view the site.  If you see banner ads, then appear for the advertizing link

Click on their advertizing information.  There you will be given more statistics about why you should advertize with them.  The accessible spots will also be shown usually on a little, realistic snapshot with colorized blocks showing accessible placement of your banner.  You necessitate to advertise on the first page on the site.  Don’t even think about traveling with concealed locations.  It will be a waste of your money

Usually you will be competent to happen ascertaining proper on the site postdating their advertizing links.  Don’t be acrophobic of big advertising costs.  If the traffic is acceptable, you will make money is another analytics site.  You can check up on out your site choices there also

Statistically, you can expect at least 2% of visitors to the site to click on your ad.  You can do the numbers

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