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Branding With Banner Ads



Every marketer likes branding of his business. In case of banner advertising, your business brand should be promoted by the banner advertising. You can even begin branding of your site by banner advertizing

Branding your business is a good idea to make your customer to remember your business type. When you are executing banner advertizing, customer should have the idea about the type of business you have

Know your target audience: While you have put a banner in front of your online visitors, there must be something going on in your mind for designing such a banner. Every banner is projected thinking about the target audience. A game site’s banner ads acquiredt be placed on a healthcare site. A banner ad for jewellery site must not be placed for the visitors on a NGO site.  First you make up one’s mind whether visitors of a careful site are fit business for your business products or service and then place your banner ads there

Know your brand: Can a person identify your brand? Is there a logo for your brand and can it be shown in the banner? Can there be a punch that can be used in the banner ad? Try to know customer’s feedback how they feel associated with your brand. Accumulate all the points from customer’s feedback that may be helpful to build your brand and apply the newly learned concepts in your business banner ad

Animation: The content and graphics of your banner can be put more if you use animated banners. If you desire to state more about your business, company or product name, brand or service type, use GIF or Flash banners to make a cold sales presentation

Repeated exposure: If your banner ads are shown for a few weeks, then viewers may probably see it more than one time and feel mental association with your brand. Also, reiterated views bring forth more click-through rates to your business website building your brand

Before launching a banner it is very important to test the banner in front of a group of net users. Even you can act as one of the visitors. See the banner ad on a sample webpage and judge if you can tie in yourself with the ad. Can you finger the brand association from the banner advertizing? If you and other marketers finger the association with the brand in testing phase, then your banner ad has the possibility for boffo brand image building

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